Video: 5 Powerful Body Language Tips

We can all improve our body language skills

These are really good tips in this video and if you apply them you will find a remarkable improvement in your communications with people.

Why not practice them during the next 7 days and report back here by leaving a comment?

Get More Followers on Twitter

How do you get more followers on Twitter?

Get more followers on Twitter Twitter is a very powerful tool to use for your business. Of course like any form of media you will need people to read your message. You will therefore need to have followers to read your tweets.

Let me first of all say that you don’t want followers who are simply numbers so never be tempted to use those companies that will guarantee to add you hundreds if not thousands of followers to your account in days or weeks. You need people who are interested in what you have to say. This takes time and effort and there is no quick fix. So here are some ways that you can get more followers on Twitter.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

1 Follow People that you would like to follow you back

Select your customers, potential customers and tweeters that your customers are likely to follow. However don’t just leave it to chance that they will follow you back. Follow them and then tweet to them in a conversational way and let them know that you are following them. From time to time engage in conversation and include their username within the message rather than at the beginning. By doing this all their followers and yours will be able to see it rather than those that follow both of you. The more you increase your visibility the easier it will be to get more followers on Twitter.

2 Write interesting tweets

Don’t be tempted to sell, sell, sell. Let your followers know more about the background behind your business. Tell them things about the people that work with you. Share photos and videos that will let them find out more about you. Also be clever in the way you share stories so that they will show that your products or service is something to be desired. People buy people and when your tweets are interesting like this they will get re-tweeted and you will get more followers on Twitter.

3 Treat people with respect

It’s quite easy to unfollow people so always treat your followers with respect. It really is a question of thinking before you tweet and make sure that your business is seen as truly professional. If anyone really wants to get more followers on Twitter they need to be seen as a friend / expert / advisor or similar context to their audience.

4 Retweet for others

When you see a good tweet that your followers will find interesting retweet it. If the tweet is by someone that does not follow you it might well spark their interest and they will follow you back.

5 Don’t follow everyone

I never like to see those Twitter accounts where tens of thousands are being followed. It’s not about numbers. Such accounts will not be interested in you. It is obvious that they are following many in order that many will follow them. Such action has no real value and anyone following tens of thousands is not going to be reading many, if any of the tweets from those they follow. Therefore do not have a policy of following everyone that follows you.

Get More Followers on Twitter 5 more tips

6 Follow the conversation

A great way to get noticed on Twitter is to engage in conversations that are topical. Look at what is trending and other popular discussions and set up searches so that you can read tweets and comment on them. Hashtags are a good way of following stories as well as search terms. It might be possible to start your own hashtag to promote your business.

7 Special Offers

At the beginning of this post I did write and warn you not to use Twitter to sell, sell, sell. There are times though that a direct sales effort will work. You could set up something like an offer of the day that is available at a specific time and put this out as a tweet with your own hashtag. If you make this offer only promoted on Twitter it could soon find more people following you to get notified about regular special offers.

8 Don’t over-tweet

Tweeting is good but don’t tweet meaningless things just for the sake of it. Far too many tweeters have read advice to send out inspirational quotations and some still do this prolifically. They have become boring to say the least. Another type of tweet is the link from Facebook when something has been posted on there. It is best to keep your social media accounts separate so write posts for each one that will suite each type of audience that you have. It is good practice that in the main you don’t duplicate the same message across all of your social media platforms.

9 Be consistentt

In the last point I warned against over-tweeting but to be successful with Twitter you must be consistent and tweet regularly. It’s also good to remember that not every tweet you write will be seen so it is good from time to time to repeat your message though it may be written slightly differently but also send it out at a different time / day. The more people that see your tweets to better the chance of re-tweets and conversations that will help you to get more followers on Twitter.

And the final point to get more followers on Twitter

10 Networking

Twitter is a superb way to network with other business owners and will allow you to help each other and pass on leads to find new customers. Don’t underestimate this element of Twitter and when others realise that you use it this way it will help you get more followers on Twitter.

Starting a business with no money

Starting a Business with no money

Starting a business with no moneyMany of the most successful businesses have been started by people who had no money or at least very little. There are many who make having no money excuse for not starting a business. Now it’s true that if you want to start making things in a factory you will likely need millions of pounds but that is one end of a huge scale.

You can start a business with literally nothing and gradually build your business up. Why, you can even start with one type of business to get you going and then switch to another as funds permit. Let me explain.

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Starting a business with no money – grow slowly

I know many people who have started things like domestic cleaning and gardening businesses. They have not had to buy any equipment as initially they only worked for people who had the equipment themselves. With domestic cleaning that is quite expected. Once you have built up some income it’s then possible to expand into other types of cleaning where the customers might expect you to provide the materials and equipment. The same concept can work for many types of business.

With other businesses you might need a small outlay to perform at a certain level and then grow as you build the business offering more services as and when you can invest more in your business. A cleaning or gardening business might not be your dream business but if you built one up to the point where it could be sold it would enable you to then start your ideal business. There are many possibilities of starting a business with no money and it just needs thought on how you will do it.

Starting a business with no money – part time

One option of course is to start a business part time whilst you remain in employment. This will mean that you have an income on which to live and use your business income to reinvest back in and grow the business. It makes starting a business with no money a lot more financially sound when you have another reliable income.

So if you are looking to start your own business and don’t have any money look for ways that you can start without it.

If any of you readers have any experience of starting a business with no money please share it in the comments.