What Business Can I Start?

What Business Can I Start?

What business can I startMany people dream of starting their own business and clearly know what they would like to do. These are people that have a passion for something, love doing it and want to control their own lives. They will never ask the question “What business can I start?”

It could be argued that if you have to ask this question you really shouldn’t be thinking of starting a business! However there are times when I can see that people will ask that question. Sadly many find themselves unemployed or have the threat of redundancy facing them. Finding a new job is not easy especially if you are one of the older generation that employers tend to avoid. For those who want to work but keep getting rejected or can only get low paid work, starting their own business can be a good thing to do.

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I am unemployed – what business can I start?

For those in this situation asking the question ”What business can I start?” should be part of their strategy to earn a living. Here are some tips that will help people arrive at the answer to their question.

The first thing that I would consider is, “can the job that you have been doing be turned into a business?” It is easy to see that an out of work tradesperson could use the same skills in their own business. For others though it is not so easy. If for example you have spent years as a receptionist, administrator or shop assistant then doing the same thing as a business is unlikely.

In such cases you need to list the skills you have and see what can be transferred into a business. You must also be prepared for a complete change and to learn new skills. I know many people that have set up businesses as window cleaners and some as home maintenance persons doing those little jobs that others don’t want or charge a fortune to do. They perhaps had some skills already and topped up by learning new ones along the way. Someone for example who was very good at DIY could use those skills in a home maintenance business. There are some people that get a lot or work assembling flat pack furniture for those that just can’t do it.

There are many hobbies can be turned into businesses as long as there is a market for them. If you have a lot of knowledge about antiques, stamp collecting, can make craft items, repair clocks etc, these are all things that can be turned into a business.

Whatever business you are considering starting make sure that you do your market research and establish that you can succeed. If there is not going to be enough demand or if you can’t charge enough for your service there is no point in starting that business.

What business can I start – should I do what I love?

You might have heard entrepreneurs say “do what you love”. It’s true that if you love doing something then you will enjoy it and it makes running a business involving that love a pleasurable thing to do. Your customers will also recognize your love and enthusiasm for your work which will help in you succeeding.

There are many opportunities for everyone and starting a business is the easy part. The difficulty is finding customers and growing that business so that it can provide you with sufficient income.

There are lots of posts here that will help you in your business so use the search facility to find them so that you can answer the question “What business can I start?”

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Everybody is a Salesperson

Everybody is a salesperson

Many people say that they can’t sell. Some will say that “salesmen are born and not made”. Others will say that it takes a special breed to be a salesperson. It is true that some people seem to have a natural disposition to be salespeople however there is one thing that gets overlooked. What is that?

Everybody is a salesperson -Sell Yourself

Everybody is a salespersonThe thing overlooked is this. All of us have to sell during our lives. This is not necessarily selling goods commercially but we do have to sell ourselves. Just think for a moment about the last time you applied for a job. In the letter you wrote, your CV and the application form you completed you have to sell yourself. Why should the company choose you over someone else for an interview? When you get that interview you will have another and very important opportunity to sell yourself. The job that you are applying for might well have nothing to do with sales and yet most likely you will have to display some selling skills to get the job.

There is another instance that comes to mind when I think that everybody is a salesperson. You meet someone you like and are romantically attracted to them. You want a date and now you have to sell yourself and show the person why they should date you. The last thing on your mind now is that you are selling but in reality we will use some sales techniques to get that date.

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Yes – everybody is a salesperson

Yes everybody is a salesperson. Some are naturally good at selling products, some can be trained to do so but all of us have skills that we can use to sell ourselves. In business you will have to sell yourself even if you are not directly selling products.

For a moment think of the great entrepreneurs. These people in the first instance are selling themselves and they become a brand and trusted. This makes it easier for them to grow their businesses. Each of us in business can learn from this and improve our skills to sell (promote) ourselves.

I would also add that improving our skills as a salesperson is a good thing to do. Set aside some time to go on a course or two, read books and watch videos. Learning new skills is always good for us and adds value. You might never become the greatest salesperson in the world and the reality is that unless you want to sell products you don’t have to. However you will always have to sell yourself and show others that they should deal with you. So indeed not just you but everybody is a salesperson.


How do you make money from Adsense

How do you make money from Adsense?

I thought that you might like to see this video from Lazy Ass Stoner and see how you can make money from Google Adsense.

Watch the video through and see how Lazy Ass Stoner shows you how to find a niche that you can use and create a website to promote Google  Adsense.