10 Top Tips When Answering The Phone

We all have to spend time answering the phone. The phone plays a vital role in business and now with mobile phones we are contactable even when away from the office. Answering the phone correctly and in the right way is vital if we are going to give a good impression of our company.

Answering the Phone


When  answering the phone try and keep the following tips in mind and remember that you are talking to a person and not a machine. Therefore if you think and act as though the person is literally standing in front of you that will help you to handle the telephone conversation in the best way.

Man answering the phoneHere are the Top 10 Tips on Answering the Phone

1. As soon as the phone rings – smile! Smile as though the person had just walked into your reception area. When you smile you send a signal to your brain and you will speak and react in a more friendly way. Get in the right frame of mind before answering the phone.
2. Answer the phone slowly and clearly yet with enthusiasm and energy. You don’t want your caller to have to ask if they have got the right person or company.
3. Always have a notepad and pen by your phone or if you are taking calls on your mobile that you can quickly access them. If your mobile phone rings and you are not ready to answer the phone let it go to voicemail. People calling mobiles will expect that there will be times you can’t answer so it is usually better not to answer than not to be able to take down any details. Have a good voicemail message so that people will leave their name and number and the reason why they called.
4. Never try and carry out another task whilst taking a call. If you are writing an email for example – stop! Don’t try and do that task whilst talking. Answering the phone should be your number one priority.
5. Always remain polite and professional no matter what the person is saying to you. If you have someone angry at the other end it is better to be calm and try and turn the situation around. Listen carefully to what they say and show empathy to their situation.
6. Always try and get the name of the caller and write it down as soon as they tell you. use their name during the call. This will help build a relationship with the caller. Your conversation needs to be viewed as more than answering the phone. It is a one to one discussion with the caller.
7. Listen! Many people do not listen carefully and this is very frustrating. Make notes as you listen and let your caller know that you are listening by saying that you are making notes.
8. Before finishing the call check with the caller that you have got everything right. Ask questions to clarify any details that you are not sure about. In fact is it good to ask questions throughout the call. Always be prepared to ask questions when you are answering the phone and make it a very active rather than passive task.
9. If you place a call on hold make sure that no more than a minute goes by to tell them that they are still on hold and will be talking to someone soon.
10. Always offer to call back if the person they want to speak to is not available. Let them know when that is likely to be and ensure that time is kept.

How do you deal with answering the phone?

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


7 thoughts on “10 Top Tips When Answering The Phone

  1. Some very good tips here. Answering the phone correctly is something commonly among businesses that is overlooked and often underestimated. First impressions and having good customer service is fundamental if a business wants to keep its customers happy and maintain a good reputation.

  2. Love tip #1 – I always think you can tell when the person on the other end of the phone is smiling, you can ‘hear’ them smiling! Really makes a difference and gets the call started on a positive note.

  3. Thankyou for the advice, i have been struggling for years to answer the phone, as the phone rings my heart begins to palpitate, like when you see a really fit woman in the CO-OP, then my hands begin to shake and viciously sweat and eventually fall off completely, after picking my hands up with my teeth, i re-attach them, and begin the process again of picking the phone up, but then my knees begin to wobble, (i call this ‘disco dancin’) eventually i completely fall over into a heap on the floor, rolling around like a beached whale with tourettes syndrome, I struggle to even remember my own name but i pick myself up and for the final time, proceed to answer the phone again, but by this time the caller has gone and i continue my lonely existance waiting for the phone to ring again.

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