5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Desk or Office Space

What are the 5 reasons why you should rent desk or office space?

If you’re a small business, a freelancer or entrepreneur with a start-up, you may have decided that home working was your best bet. But have you weighed all your options?

While commercial property leases can be daunting and long, admin heavy and inflexible there are other options out there. One that could well fit the bill is renting desk or office space in a shared or serviced office scheme.

1) No long term commitment

One of the keys to desk and office rental is the length of stay. You can usually pay month by month, instead of the usual three-plus years commitment needed on a commercial property lease.

2) Flexibility

What this short-term lease gives you is a huge amount of flexibility. First, you can usually move in right away. Second, you can leave when you need to but also renegotiate how much space you need. If you need more desks, either permanently or temporarily, you should be able to secure the extra space or move to another office that can accommodate you.

3) Ready made office

Not only can you move in immediately  but everything will already be in place to get you up and running straight away. The office will be furnished, saving a lot of possible expense, while all the standard office facilities will be in place: utilities, kitchen area, even meeting rooms and reception areas. If you go the extra mile, you may also find you get IT support, executive suites and post services.

4) No admin

The added advantage of having all these facilities on tap is you don’t have to worry about the admin associated with all these extras  from paying the broadband bill to repairing the kettle, it’s all part of the monthly price. And this extends to some of the really big hassles of office leasing, such as securing the building and paying for large dilapidation costs the kind of occasional and unexpected cost that can hit a business for six.

5) The office buzz

Finally, you’ll also tend to find you’re in an environment with like-minded individuals with their own small businesses. Office space and desk renters tend to be in creative industries such as design, programming and journalism/PR, so you’ll be introducing yourselves to a whole new bunch of opportunities both business and social. It’s common to find solutions to work problems in this kind of environment, as well as more work opportunities for your own business.

Of course there’s no guarantee its going to be rosy and sharing office space certainly isn’t for everyone. The main reasons tend to mirror those positives above, so it just depends on your outlook. For example, the thought of not picking their own office decor may send some running or not being able to choose who works in the same office as you. And then of course some businesses have security issues with sensitive data they would rather not have in a shared environment.
It’s not cheap either but at least you are paying for what you get, while having the option to opt out if you find it gets too much. For this reason alone, it seems a no brainer to look into the idea of renting office space and giving your business the professional look and feel it deserves.

About the author: Chris Marling writes on behalf of www.officegenie.co.uk, the UK’s favourite online marketplace for desk space in shared and serviced offices.


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