5 Secrets of Successful Blogging

What are the secrets of successful blogging?

First of all think of the reasons why you would read a blog and enjoy it. You must conclude that it needs to be interesting, informative or entertaining. If you are writing a blog for business reasons then you will definitely need to ensure that you provide information that is informative and useful to your readers. Is there value to what you write? People that read blogs will generally fall into one the the two aforementioned categories that is either they want information or they simply are looking for entertainment or we could say amusement.

So our first secret is value.

Your blog must provide value to your reader and they need to get from it what they are after. When you write your posts carefully think about your readers and make sure that you provide the right amount of content to either inform correctly or entertain if that is your style of blog. You do not want a reader to get to the end of a post and think that it was a waste of their time reading it.

Our second secret is to make the post easy to skim read.

The very nature of blogs is that they are composed of brief posts that readers can skim over and extract information quickly and if they like what they say will read the post in more depth. Try to get a good headline that is relevant to your post and the first sentence or two to not just attract interest but to set out what the post is all about. Doing this will enable readers to either carry on reading or not to waste their time reading something that is not what they are looking for.

Secret number 3. Be committed.

You must take time out to write your blog and do not take short cuts that will spoil your blog for your readers. Post regularly but do not post inferior articles that will not help your readers to enjoy your blog. If you do not have enough time to write the blog yourself commission others to do it or ask guest bloggers to write posts for you. Many bloggers are very happy to do this on good quality blogs as it will drive traffic to their own blog.

Secret 4 is to make sure that your blog is well designed.

Blogs that are crowded with advertisements and look untidy will not attract readers even if the posts are well written. Keep your blog looking clean and fresh and easy to read. Use a theme that suits your subject and avoid bright colours that can distract your viewers eyes. Looking at computer screens that have glaring colours is not a good experience.

Secret 5 is to engage the reader.

Invite your readers to comment on your posts and take time to reply to the comments. This engages your reader to you and your blog and will encourage them to visit again and make more comments.

I invite you to try out these 5 secrets or principles and apply them to your blogging. The more you blog the more you will develop your skills and find that your visitor numbers will increase to your blog. Blogging can be fun so do enjoy what you do and let that enjoyment come through in the way that you write.

I wish you every success and I look forward to reading your blogs. So please leave a comment and the name of your blog and I will be delighted to take a look.

Original article: 5 Secrets Of Successful Blogging: Reader Value, Skim Readability, Visual Design, And More – written by Roland Millward on Factoidz


5 thoughts on “5 Secrets of Successful Blogging

  1. All of these are very true. On my blog I try to focus mainly on adding value to someone else, encourage dreams and mentioning past “great’ individuals who were ordinary but accomplish great goals.

  2. I like it! Simple, personable, easy to read. A near perfect blog…it would be perfect for me if you mentioned my name at some point…no only joking.

    Great blog post. Thanks for the advice and simple guidelines.

    Have you looked at BlogMe App yet?

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