A Low Cost Way to Promote Your Business

Promote Your Business

Is there a  low cost way to promote your business? In today’s economy maximizing every penny spent is essential. Here are a few proven ways that you can promote your business at little or no cost.

Promote Your Business: This is Low Cost!

Here are some really simple and effective low cost ways to promote your business.

  • On your letterhead include a special offer flash or sticker
  • Always enclose business cards with every letter you send out
  • Add an offer or reminder of what you do in your email signature
  • Add advertising logos to your vehicle with (if possible) an easy to remember phone number and website
  • In some cases wearing a badge or logo on your clothing can get people to ask you questions about what you do

You can Promote Your Business at Low Cost

As you can see from the above suggestions these are things that cost little or nothing to promote your business.


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