A Virtual Telephone Receptionist

Every small business finds that it is difficult to manage every aspect of the business 100% of the time. For example the need to have the telephone personally answered is very important as many people that enquire about your business do not like leaving messages on telephone answering machines. However they will leave a message with your personal assistant! Having someone sat in your office to answer the telephone can be very expensive if you are only receiving a relatively small number of calls per day.

How can you solve this problem? Fortunately the problem has been solved by the growing number of companies that will let you divert calls that are unanswered to them and they will answer the call in your company name and take messages. I use a service here in the UK that I am delighted with. I pay on the basis of every call answered and can switch the service on and off to suit my requirements. I can even use Twitter to advise them when I am or am not available and why.

Let me recommend to you Jam, Purejam and Answercall. It is the same company but uses three names depending on the type of service and volume of calls best for you. Please click on this link for more details.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


4 thoughts on “A Virtual Telephone Receptionist

  1. Looks like some impressive technology on display. Virtual offices have always been seen as a key growth product in the serviced office sector but more and more companies like Jam are popping up to take some of the business. They seem to be able to do it a little more cheaply and with better technology, are serviced offices being left behind?

  2. What a really great article to read and thanks for taking the time to write this – and then to Phil for his comment.

  3. The great thing about these companies mean that you can work from home, be away from the office and always have a real person answer your phone. This means people are much more likely to leave a message. They will also enquire into what the call is regarding.

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