Are you a Coffee Bean?

What a strange question you may ask?

How can you be like a coffee bean? Well think for a moment about the coffee bean. A bean left on its own is not particularly exciting or probably tasty. However what happens when you subject it to boiling water? Now the bean releases its qualities and aroma and from the heat comes your drink of coffee.

What about you as a person? How do you react when things go wrong and the heat as it were is applied to you? Do you wilt and fade away allowing the problem to get the better of you? Or like the coffee bean do you get working and let the problem bring out the best and not the worst in you?

The secret will lie in how you view your situation. Make sure that you look for ways to solve problems and not for reasons why you can’t. Be positive and take steps to make the situation work to your advantage and not disadvantage. These words are easy to write I know but so often I see people who give up over little things and yet others cope with and beat major adversities in life and business. It would be great if you can share your thoughts about this topic.

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Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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6 thoughts on “Are you a Coffee Bean?

  1. Interesting Roland, I had an issue with a job this week.
    I was asked to do some extra work that I had not quoted for, the client was very happy with the quoted job but not with the extra.
    To cut a long story short I got the client to buy some extra product I agreed to apply it for him.
    In the end the client is happy.
    If I had refused to help he would have been unhappy and I would get a bad name.
    So do I have a strong aroma or is my after shave ?

  2. A very interesting article. I have had a recent event which has knocked me for six – confused as to how to deal with it at the moment! This will definitely help!

  3. An interesting article indeed, with a covert serious message within it too, which is to ALWAYS be positive in a situation.
    If you’ve ever experienced or read about NLP you’ll know that those who seek what they DO want in life, rather than run away from what they DON’T want, are more often than not successful.
    Did you know that Walt Disney went to more than 300 bankers for finance to start his empire – imagine the loss to the world if he had been “reasonable” and given up after 100 or 200 knock-backs.
    Nice article Roland 🙂

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