Are you good at selling?

Selling – Is it For You?

Selling skils are vital for business owners
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Many business owners are very good at what they do. However being able to tell me that they are good or that there products are good is not always easy. In other words many business owners are not good at selling. Of course if you as a business owner can afford it you may well be able to employ sales staff but even then there are times when people will want to speak to the owner.

How can you improve your selling skills?

There are many books, videos and audio recordings on the subject of selling, probably in total more than any other single business subject. After all business is all about getting customers and selling to them. It would be good to invest some time and energy into learning selling skills and using these in your business. Reading books and watching videos will help but also getting some one to one tuition with a sales trainer can be invaluable.

Why use a Sales Trainer to improve selling skills?

A sales trainer can coach you in real life and role play too. The trainer can help you to know which selling techniques will work best in your business. It will be vital of course to choose a good trainer so check out their reputation and look for genuine testimonials or recommendations before you employ their services. With some effort and investment you will be able to improve your selling skills and increase your business.


2 thoughts on “Are you good at selling?

  1. A good sales trainer…that would be me then Roland!!

    I think alot of the problems surrounding sales is peoples natural affliction towards it, which generally comes down to a lack of understanding of the simple processes or a bad experience with a sales person in the past.

    Either way, as you know, I spend my working day overcoming both of those aspects with business owners!

    In fact, I’ll make this offer…I’ll give a 50% discount to any Entrepreneur Club member that wants to have some sales training!

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