Be Better and Nicer

Beat the competition

In business you will always have competitors and they will be doing their very best to get the customers that you would also like to supply.

It is often difficult to beat businesses on price alone. Many large companies can use their buying power to beat you on price and even are willing to see you go out of business in a price war.

How can you beat the competition?

Many people do not buy on price alone. In fact those customers are probably in the minority. People buy from a business on many of the following grounds.

  • Better service
  • Nicer more pleasant staff
  • Better shopping environment
  • Faster delivery
  • Better availability
  • Better choice
  • Reputation for good after sales care
  • In depth knowledge of staff
  • Time spent on building good relationships
  • Quality of goods / services supplied

The above are just a few of the ways that you can beat the competition. Every business needs to analyze itself and see what it can do to be better than the competitors. With some thought and hard work you can add extra value that people will want and they will tell many others too enabling you to have the benefit of word of mouth advertising.



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