Beware of The Paradox

There are things that happen in life that can be bad and yet because of them good may result. This is a Paradox.

The Paradox

Here is an example of a Paradox. A man buys a shop in a small village and the shop is quite successful. He sells a range of products, food, household goods and gifts for passing tourists driving through the village. However because of the amount of traffic passing through that village the authorities decide to build  new road that takes traffic away from the village bypassing this man’s shop. As soon as the road is opened trade at the shop falls dramatically and very soon the man will have to close the shop. He decides to set up a website to concentrate on selling just some of the products he sold in the shop and soon finds more to add. His website becomes very successful. He closes the shop and opens a warehouse from which he can distribute his new products. He is now more successful than he ever was with his shop.

If that road was never built the man would still be in his shop without a website and nowhere near as successful. A bad situation turned out well. Why? Because this man took action and used it as an opportunity for good. If he had continued with his business model in the shop he would have gone broke. However he used the time he had now whilst trade was quiet to plan and build a new venture. In the economic downturn that we have experienced many entrepreneurs have been created, people who’s careers were in ruins turned to something else and used their talents in a different way. Out of bad came good.

Do you have any stories to relate of people you know or yourself that have experienced this? Leave your comments below.

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