British Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays

People in Britain love what are called Bank Holidays. In some countries special days when people take a holiday are called national holidays and are dictated by government decree.

April Bank Holidays

Some business owners are complaining this year because of the bank holidays. There have been Good Friday April 21st and Easter Monday April 25th and the following weekend a special bank holiday for the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday April 29th and then the usual bank holiday Monday of May 2nd.

Many workers have tried to take off the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between these two bank holiday weekends to make a very long break.

Bank Holidays and Employers

Business owners are complaining because these holidays fall close together and put everyone in a mood that is not conducive to work! However for some businesses particular in the leisure industry they are looked forward to.  The Royal Wedding is bound to be good for some although not so for others.

Whatever the case bank holidays are here and have to be lived with. Employers need to take these into account within their business strategy.

The weather is not normally that good in April in Britain but this year it has been very warm, even hot and better than Spain! Enjoy your bank holidays.


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