Building Credibility for your Business

For a business to do well  it needs to build credibility with its customers.

This is something that once you have a customer is relatively easy to do. By offering good service and value, fulfilling your promises and so forth will be building credibility.

However what can you do to build credibility with people who have not yet used your services?

This has to be done by the impression that you give about your business from the first point of contact. Think for a moment about the following questions.

  • How the is the phone is answered?
  • Is it answered quickly and with a friendly voice?
  • Are emails replied to promptly and brochures posted quickly?
  • Are visitors to your premises greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome?
  • Are your business premises clean and tidy?
  • Do your premises give the impression that customers come first?
  • For online visitors is the website easy to use?
  • Can they find the information they need on each relevant page?
  • Is there an easy way for them to ask questions?
These are just a few of the many questions that you need to be able to answer in a positive way.

Every contact with a customer must reflect what your business will do for that customer when they commit to an order. Once that order is placed then you can continue to build on your reputation and keep that customer for life!

2 thoughts on “Building Credibility for your Business

  1. It is great going back through the articles, I read them when they were first published but it is wonderful to be reminded. My business has been running for two and half years now and I feel it is time to work on certain aspects. I know my clients are happy as once they come to me they stay but it is getting the message across to people who have not yet used me. Thanks Roland.

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