Building Customer Lists

Customer List

Do you have a customer list?

It’s all in the customer list!

You will often hear Internet Marketers use this expression. Without customer lists many businesses will not survive. Having a list of customers and a list of potential customers is vital. How do you build your customer list?

The first place to start is to make sure that you record the details of your customers so that you can keep in contact. Many businesses fail to database their customers and are missing a huge opportunity to build a good rapport with those customers and sell them more products or services. It is not enough to rely on customers coming back to you without more contact.

A good restaurant will often rely on people wanting to come back and also refer their friends. Would it not be better if they captured the customers details after each meal? They could add new customers to the database and those returning to be noted that they had come back. This takes some effort but it will give you valuable data so that you can mail, email or phone customers with offers, reminders and so forth.

I have personally found that by keeping in touch with existing customers I have built a loyal bond and also invariably after contact I will get referrals. Contact reminds them that I am here and as the saying goes “out of sight – out of mind” and as people do forget a reminder of that never goes amiss.

Potential Customer List

The next kind of list you should consider is a list of people that you have not yet done business with so this is your potential new customer list. A website provides an ideal way to capture data of enquirers and using a system like Aweber or Mailchimp enables you to manage that list and follow up on those enquirers.

It is good to be in regular contact with your lists and some marketers will have almost daily contact. In your business that may well be overkill but once a month could be very acceptable. It’s good to mix up the type of contact so email, post and phone can be alternated.

A customer list can be built with social mediaSocial Media Lists

Another great way of building a customer list is to use Social Media. You can easily build a list of followers using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and others. For more details how to do that I recommend that you take a look at The Social Media Bootcamp and on-line learning system that will help you develop your business in this way.

If you have not yet built your customer list or are not using it to the full why not start today?


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