Business Blog: Check the Typos!

So now you have a business blog! Fantastic!

Have you noticed how many grammar and spelling errors there are on many blogs? It is all too easy to make mistakes! What can you do to eliminate such errors.

Here are my top 5 tips for getting it right!

  1. Use a spell checker.
  2. Read through several hours after writing to clear your mind so that errors are more easily detected.
  3. Ask someone else to read it through.
  4. Check words that a spell checker can’t detect such as there and their or your and you’re.
  5. Look for badly constructed sentences that may have seemed ok to you at the time of writing but that don’t read back very well.

It only takes a few minutes to get things right so why spoil your readers pleasure for that lack of detail?

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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8 thoughts on “Business Blog: Check the Typos!

  1. Good advice Roland. What would your general tips be for writing a blog about your chosen business? What is the best way to get your blog read and gain a following? Can you monitor posts with alerts?

  2. Yes, I cringe whenever I see typos on someones blog, or sales letter, brochure or other material for that matter. Attention to detail is key.

    In fact as a side note – it surprises me just how many books I read that have typos too!

    I would say however that in my experience grammar is less of a concern, here’s why – One of the best ways to communicate with your audience is to do so in a ‘conversational’ style – so that you’re ‘talking’ one-to-one to them, as opposed to trying to talk to ALL of your readers at once.

    This could mean using some words or phrases that wouldn’t necessarily get you an A+ in English Language, but the impact to your audience will be better, plus they’ll feel more as if they ‘know’ you too.

    Sure, you need to be professional in what you write, but there’s no need to necessarily use the Queen’s English in my opinion.

    (Needless to say I have checked this post a few times 😉 )

  3. Great 5 points to watch our for here.

    And as Emma points out, always, always check the hyperlinks that you insert – make sure they point to the right website, or that the link isn’t broken.


  4. I have to admit, I myself is guilty with this but I have to agree with Simon that sometimes grammar lapses are not that important specially if the contents does not really call for it. What really matters is that we are sincere and true with what we are trying to convey to our readers.

  5. Um… “spoil your readers pleasure”?

    Although playing with grammar is creative, fun and informal, we do need to watch out that we’re saying what we mean to say – that’s what grammar and punctuation is for; to make things as clear as possible.

    Sincerity and truth matter hugely, of course – but expressing that sincerity and truth clearly and precisely matters too.

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