Business: Building Trust through Regular Contact

It is human nature to forget and when someone comes along that can fulfill their needs at the right time our customers are likely to forget previously used companies and get caught up in the moment.

One of the best ways to keep your customers and prevent them from being poached by other companies is to stay in contact on a regular basis. This can easily be done by email but of course not everyone reads their email so to be really effective you need to supplement this with other methods. There is also the danger that because email is so easy that you send too many emails and your customer then unsubscribes from your list.

Old fashioned snail mail still works well and enables you to send things like business cards and flyers that your customers can use to help refer other people to your business. It is good to carry out a physical mailing several times a year depending on the nature of your business. If your clients are tied into your service by contract and you have minimum contact during that contract then the number of mailings can be kept to perhaps 2 or 3 a year so that you are using the mailing as a bond builder for when the contract ends and in obtaining referrals.

There is also of course a courtesy telephone call to see if they are still happy with the product or service that you are supplying them with. For instance you could offer everyone a 6 month follow up call to ensure that everything is fine and this will build trust in your company. It shows that you really care about your clients.

All of us like to feel valued and so when a company keeps in touch with us as a valued customer not just a prospect for more business we will feel some loyalty to that company. As a business we need to work on that principle of loyalty as it works both ways. Our showing real interest in our customers and keeping in regular contact will help our business to build a good customer base.

How do you keep in contact with your customers? How often do you do so? Please leave your comments in the box below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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7 thoughts on “Business: Building Trust through Regular Contact

  1. This is a great point – I use Mailchimp to send regular newsletters to keep in touch with my clients, suppliers and general contacts.

    Its really important to maintain the relationships as these are the people that will refer you.

  2. Phil, I plan to build a Mail Chimp “list” over the next few months, what do you think of it? How do they compare to the commonly used Aweber?

    Roland, this so true. It is remarkable when somebody gets a letter (not on their birthday or at Christmas, just out of the blue), people are so used to getting bills everyday that a handwritten letter is remarkable.

  3. Touching your customers is important. Touching your customers on a regular basis, even moe so. I agree constant emails are not always welcome, but if the content is relevant and interesting a weekly mail shot can be a good thing. Also quarterly newsletters with the odd speciality newsletter are most welcome, especially if it appears on the mat.
    Birtdays, anniversaries and a new baby are worth a card and a stamp. But above all this we shouldn’t hide behind email, pick up the phone! Talk to your clients and ask them how they are. Don’t be scared to ask your best clients to be your champion. They will reward you with referrals, especially if you have built up trust. If you don’t keep in touch with your clients and potential customers your competitors will.

  4. At work we use a combination of calls and emails whenever a customer orders and later on with a 2 week follow up.

    This goes over really well because it shows to people we actually care about their business. They never expect to get a personalize thank you from one of our people – just this little act keeps people in the fold.

  5. Shane,

    I like MailChimp but haven’t used Aweber, so can’t really compare.

    I just find mailchimp easy to use; however, their templates and input methods could be a bit neater. It can often be a bit trial and error to get the right formatting.

    The free emails are good as well if you only have a small number on your lists.

  6. Murlu
    The follow up after 2 weeks is good. Customers want to feel valued and keeping in touch soon after you have done business shows that you value them.

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