Can Twitter Bring in Business?

There is a great deal of hype about Twitter and using it for business. Many people scratch their heads in amazement and wonder how on earth Twitter has become so popular. The fact that there are only 140 characters available in a Tweet (message) seems to defy logic that any decent message can be sent out and used for business.

There are however many people and organizations using Twitter to their advantage. They recognise that Twitter can build relationships or rapport between people. Those that are used to attending networking events apply the same techniques of Meet, Like, Know and Trust in an online manner. The ‘Meet’ part is the communications initially through the tweets although these often turn into actual meetings or telephone conversations.

Twitter just 140 characters

Although Twitter only has 140 characters available for messages you can include hyperlinks and direct your followers to your website or blog. You can also send photos and videos by means of applications like Twitpic or TwitVid. Twitter can be wherever your phone will work. Even non smart phones can be set up to send tweets by SMS even if they don’t allow you to read incoming messages. Smart phones have applications that allow you to use Twitter to the full and take pictures and shoot videos and immediately upload them to Twitter for your followers to see.

Now for a moment think about the use of this in your business. You can create a group of followers that are interested in you and your business. You can let them know about you as a person so that people ‘meet’ get to ‘know’ and ‘like’ you. After a while a certain amount of trust will develop. You can write informative articles on your blog and post the link to Twitter so that your followers can read it. Huge amounts of traffic can be driven to your website in this way. The more followers that you build the more hits you will create.

Twitter Successfully Used in Business

Imagine a company that uses photos and videos to show what they are doing each day? “Just finished building a wall” tweeted with a photo attached by a builder will show his skills to his followers. This can’t do any harm and neither is it hard sell. You are just telling your followers what you have been doing and at the same time building rapport and trust. They can see that you are doing a good job. They may even recommend you to others.

I use Twitter constantly for my business and it works but rather than take my word for it listen to what Mike Handley of Graphic Results says, “Twitter works for my business. I get 5 or 6 new customers every month.”

Mark Adams of The IT Guy states, “I have found Twitter to be an essential part of my business and it has brought in many new customers.”

It is reported that Dell the giant computer manufacturer has $6.5 million of sales from their Twitter presence until December 2009.

There are many more examples from tradesmen, consultants, trainers, restaurants, burger vans, and accountants that have been successful in generating business with Twitter. Success for them has not come over night but with a little effort and plenty of fun in interacting with followers they have built a good reputation and business has been done.

Twitter is Simple

Twitter is simple but how you use it is a skill. Some people are naturally good whilst others need their skills honed to maximise Twitter’s effectiveness. One of the secrets of Twitter is to use it as a social tool first and a selling mechanism last. Let people know who you are, what you do, how you do it, and eventually success will be yours.

Take time to learn how to use Twitter in the right way and you will be rewarded just as many thousands of businesses have discovered. The good news is that it is never too late to learn and start using Twitter and other forms of social media to grow your business. Twitter is still in its infancy and is growing rapidly and so the best is still yet to come.

Roland Millward

Have you had success with Twitter? Please leave your comments in the box below. If you need help to use Twitter successfully contact Roland for help!


5 thoughts on “Can Twitter Bring in Business?

  1. Roland:

    Great post!

    I am relatively new to using Twitter and I am still learning a great deal about how to market with Twitter. I think it can be another tool that marketers can use to attract people to their website/blog.

    The problem is with so many people following others, your message does not stay in front of them very long. Some people that do not keep up with Twitter until the evening hours will never see your message you tweeted at 2:00 because they have received several hundred tweets since yours was posted.

    – Rick

  2. Hi Rick. Thanks for commenting. With Twitter as you note there comes a time that we are following so many people that you can’t see every tweet. However that’s not so much of a problem if you repeat your messages at different times. Genuine followers don’t mind some repeats as they realise that you are trying to keep in touch with as many people as possible. Also the more followers you have the more success you will have even if some miss what you feel is a vital tweet. Best wishes, Roland

  3. Roland:

    I think the most vital point that you mentioned is the simplicity of twitter. A lot of people are cynical about social media because they think it’s going to take over their lives but actually it can take seconds!

    My example of how to use twitter for business is from one of our clients who works for the patient advocate company, Skin Care Campaign. He was a cynic and baffled by all of social media let alone twitter. He now recognises that twitter can build relationships with his key audience. He has created a group of followers that are interested in his business and can now write informative articles and messages for his audience. He has also converted to the iphone and now makes use of the twitter apps.

    His post, From Luddite to S&M Virgin, is a funny take on his journey through using social media.

  4. Hi Vicky
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. This is a really good example of how people feel about social media and what happens when they try using it!. Best wishes, Roland

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