Cold Calling Tips

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Cold Calling Tips

Why cold calling tips? Love it or hate it many businesses have to use cold calling to find new customers. How do you find cold calling? Is it something that you need to do in your business? I have put together these cold calling tips that I hope will help you when you next make a cold call to a potential customer.

Recently we published “10 Top Tips When Answering the Phone”, lets now reverse that with cold calling tips.

10 Cold Calling Tips

Having spent some time researching this subject here are 10 cold calling tips for you to try.

  1. Have a goal.  Know exactly what your purpose is for this call. What do you want to achieve? Is it to get an appointment or make a sale?
  2. Know your prospect. Before you call find out about the company. Will they need your product? How will they best use your product? You need to know so that you can prepare your pitch to suit your prospect. If you do you will more likely be successful.
  3. Have your opening statement well prepared. When you speak those first few words you need to sound confident and pleasing to the listener. Make sure that you will sound friendly and clear and concise about the purpose of your call in a way that will capture their interest. You will only have one shot at this and those first few seconds will inevitably be the most important part of the call otherwise you will not have a call at all.
  4. What should you include in the opening statement? Include a greeting, good morning etc. Introduce yourself by name. Include something about the prospect, the benefits of your service and make a transition to a question. Here is an example. “Good morning Mr. Smith. This is John Jones of ABC Office Furniture. I have just read in the paper that you will be moving to new premises in a few months time. We specialize in planning the layout of offices and supply the furniture most suitable for your needs. I’d like to ask a  few questions to see how I can help you with your move.
  5. Have a script for the rest of your call. This does not have to be word for word as this can sound read to the prospect. Have notes that you can work through as reminders about what you are going to say.
  6. Ask for the appointment. Be bold and say something like, “It will be really good if we can meet. Are you free Wednesday or Thursday?”
  7. Get past the guard! Receptionists / secretaries often view it as their duty to screen their boss from unwanted calls. View them as a friend and not an enemy. Be very polite. Ask them to help you and make them feel valued for doing so. Don’t try and sell your service to them as you don’t want them deciding whether or not it is something that the company will need.
  8. Smooth the way for your cold call. Send a small promotional gift ahead of your call to break the ice and this helps your business to stand out from the crowd.
  9. Cold Calling works better in the mornings. Many cold callers feel that the mornings are less productive but many say that the mornings work best as the days work has not drained the decision maker at that time. If a person is tired or well involved in a job that must be finished before he / she  can go home you are less likely to get a listening ear.
  10. Be persistent. It is said that 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact. Welcome rejection as you are getting closer to a sale not further away each time you call back. Keep practicing and you will get better on each call. After making calls analyze why they worked or failed and try and improve where you can.

Did you enjoy these cold calling tips?

The next time you are going to make cold calls please read through these cold calling tips. Each of the cold calling tips has been tried and tested and works. If you have any cold calling tips that are not mentioned in this article please feel free to write them down in the comments box below. If you have any other comments about these cold calling tips they too are also most welcome in the box below too.


3 thoughts on “Cold Calling Tips

  1. Great post. I hate cold calling but if you do it right you can for sure get your activity up. One thing is know you objection responses because you will be doing a lot of that.

  2. Some good tips in there. I’d question 7. Get past the guard!, though.

    Cold-callers often think of secretaries and PAs as ‘gate keepers’. And they try to get past their screening. It’s pretty patronising to try to make an executive’s PA ‘fee valued’. They’re usually pretty capable people. And they’ve got an important job to do. That is: making sure their boss gets the right calls.

    Instead, I coach cold-callers to make sure their script is accurate, clear, and easy to repeat. Make sure you say what you want, and why it’s essential for the executive. If you’re after a meeting, make sure the PA has something short to write in the diary.

    David Chernick

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