Deliver the Wow Factor

The Wow Factor - Deliver this to your customersThe Wow Factor

To make a business really stand out from the crowd you will need to deliver the Wow Factor.

What is it about the most successful businesses that causes people to go “Wow!” ?

It may not be one single thing unless you want to classify many ways into these categories “outstanding customer service” or “outstanding products”.

Now of course you could sell “outstanding products” but unless you give “outstanding service” the products in themselves may not mean that people will buy them from you. Zappos have built a huge business on creating the Wow factor and it is worth watching this video which is in a previous post here at The Entrepreneur Club.

Wow Factor – Customer Service

There is the saying about “going the extra mile” and that is very true when it comes to producing the wow factor in our business. We need to deliver service that is beyond what is expected. It could be arranging a delivery or repair in a super fast time or at a time most businesses would not even consider. It won’t be about price. People soon forget the price they paid but they don’t forget outstanding service.

Make the Wow Factor Happen

Take a look at your business and see what you can do to promote the wow factor. It may take effort to train staff and give them the ability to make decisions that can improve customer service. It may mean investing in the way you manage your business and to be able to increase efficiency and response times. Creating wow factor will take effort but the rewards will be immense.


3 thoughts on “Deliver the Wow Factor

  1. I like the idea and how it worked so well for zappos. They swam against the current and it worked so well for them.

    That said I am struggling with an idea for a Wow factor for someone in my line of business i.e. a barrister.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

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