Do you go the extra mile?

What is the extra mile?

The origin of the extra mile is found in the Bible where Jesus told his listeners that if they were pressed into service for a mile they should go 2 miles. The Roman army would often press people into service to help them carry their equipment. The citizens had to do this or face dire consequences. By going the extra mile someone would be showing a willingness to go beyond the call of duty and provide more than required.

This saying has found its way into our everyday language and we know it to mean, giving more value than expected or asked for.

The Extra Mile in Business

Roland Millward writing about going the extra mile
Roland Millward author of this article

In business the extra mile can make an ordinary business become a great business. If you give people moire value than they expect to receive, service beyond the call of duty then you will go far. Customers that receive such treatment soon tell everyone about your outstanding service.

Wherever you can go that extra mile and customers will be flocking to your door to make sure that they are dealing with the best company. They will be safe in the knowledge that you will treat them well.

Always look for ways that you can help your customers. It may cost extra to achieve this on occasion but it will pay large dividends later on so, a little extra cost will be money well spent.

To go the extra mile will often need a mindset change especially amongst staff and management that work to strict rules. How often have you asked a company to do something and someone tells you ‘no we can’t do that’ and no one has authority to do it either? It may be something quite simple and yet no one can amend the rule to allow your request so you go to another company and they get the business.

You will need to make sure that your managers and staff know that customer satisfaction is paramount and to start to thinks in terms of doing more where required. You will need to have people you can trust that can make the right decisions to do this and not rely on arbitrary rules that may prevent rather than enhance business opportunities.

Go the extra mile

I hope that you will go the extra mile in your business and particular when the economy is making life hard. You will certainly be more successful by going the extra mile and raising the standards so that you can beat your competition.


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