Do You Have a Franchise?

I am planning on writing an article or two on franchising and would like to hear from readers that have or have  had a franchise and what their experience or owning a franchise is / was like.

Whether your experience is good or bad I would like to know.

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Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


3 thoughts on “Do You Have a Franchise?

  1. My advice – don’t do it, particularly service based.

    They are often costly to buy into and the perceived benefits are not received.

    The biggest example I would use is TaxAssist – you can set up on your own and have a backup network without having to be part of a franchise.

    Some are better than others.

    Happy to chat in much more Detail Roland!!!

  2. Just to clarify I am not slating TaxAssist, just merely comparing the fact that I was able to set up a similar style of local practice without a Franchise backup. I used TaxAssist as they are one of the biggest accounting franchises in the country.

  3. I bought into a franchise because the amount of preparation work needed to produce the materials and course content would probably have taken years to prepare, and then have to be checked for copywrites. Plus you get a ready and tried system of marketing and selling techniques and training off people already involved, so they know what works and what doesn`t. WHAT YOU DON`T GET is someone to do it all for you. Most people buying a franchise have come from an employed background, where other people are there to do the work for them in some cases. With all the benefits to buying a franchise you still have to go out and sell your services, nothing happens until you sell something, you cannot do the part you bought the franchise for until you sell something. To some people this comes as a complete surprise and unless you are completely self motivated don`t even think about starting a business, which basically what buying a franchise is. So to sum up , it can be good if you have the correct attitude to working hard. Phil is also correct in saying that some businesses can be started without buying a franchise, especially in the type of service he delivers.

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