Do you need Empathy in Business?

Empathy in Business

Empathy in Business
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The word empathy is an interesting one.  One of the dictionary definitions is to able to have the “power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings”. In other words a person with empathy tries to put themselves into the other person’s shoes and see things from their perspective. You are then able to understand as best you can how they are feeling about a situation.

Do you need empathy in business?

In this dog eat dog world of business you might think that taking the feelings of others into account by having empathy in business is a waste of time. However for a moment think about your customers. What are your customers experiencing right now? How do they feel? What things in life are causing them problems, maybe problems that your business can alleviate?

A successful business is one that is going to be valued by its customers and those businesses that care for the needs of their customers will benefit. You may provide the solution with the products that you sell or with the way that you sell them. For some it could simply be a delivery service that suits the customers time slots or that you and your staff provide extra services such as having a sign language trained member of staff for those customers that are deaf.

With empathy in business you can succeed

With empathy in business you can come up with solutions to your customers problems. Your customers will be delighted to find someone that understands their needs and sees things from their viewpoint. Take the time to talk to your customers and ask questions that will let you understand what they are feeling and what requirements they have. Find out what will make their dealings with you a much better experience.

Yes, with empathy in business you can succeed.


3 thoughts on “Do you need Empathy in Business?

  1. Empathy in business…now there’s a thought! It’s not the stereotype perception the public is encouraged by vested interests to believe. However all the smart businesses that are growing the fastest in these straightened times offer a real valued service to the customer so the powerful word-of-mouth referral concept works massively to their advantage. Think Facebook, Skype and Google where it really is win/win for customers and the business. Lessons can be learnt to put the customer in the driver’s seat!

  2. Of course! One of the most important aspects in business is to appeal to the human person. The goal of business is to make the customers feel like the business care for their needs and actually deliver what they promise. The goal of business is not profit alone but also provide products and services to cater the needs of clients.

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