Does Owning Your Own Business Bring You Freedom?

What is Freedom?

For most people that start their own business you will hear them speak about the freedom that it brings. I have said the same things myself. But what do we mean by freedom? Is there real freedom when you own your own business?

Firstly it must be said that freedom is only ever relative. For example you may have the freedom to smoke but that freedom ends where other people’s lungs begin. You may have the freedom to jump off a cliff but that freedom ends when you hit the ground at the bottom! Freedom does not take away responsibilities. Owning your own business will give certain freedom. You will not have to ask a boss for a day off but you will have to make sure that your customers are kept happy. You will not be tied to a pay check that your boss thinks he should pay but you will have the responsibility to go and earn your own pay check.

Be Realistic

Having your own business is great and I can recommend it. However you must be realistic and not get caught up in an unrealistic dream that having your own business will bring you freedom that does not exist. Most business owners work very long hours and many do not take holidays for years especially in the early years of the business. Therefore don’t fall into the trap that having your own business will give you lots of free time to do what you want to do and not work! That is just dream for most of us but may become a reality if you can grow your business and hand over responsibilities to others.

What do you think? Your comments are welcome below.

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16 thoughts on “Does Owning Your Own Business Bring You Freedom?

  1. I would say running the business I do gives me the freedom to work the hours I want. Although it is not total freedom I have more flexibility than working for a company. I have the freedom to set my own days and hours but taking a day off does require careful planning and more often than not longer hours in the run up. However, I love my work, not just the projects but the fact that I am supporting and easing clients’ workload so I’m happy to put the hard work in.

  2. Hi Emma.
    Many people are like you in that they like the flexibility to work hours to suit their lifestyle even though ultimately they work longer hours than many employed people.

  3. The best thing about having your own business is that you have total flexibility to work when you want. For me , as a Mum of 2 children aged 12 and 10 (but 4 and 2 when I started) was the main driver behind my decision to go it alone. It really doesn’t matter when you do things as long as they get done!

  4. Hi Sharon
    When you work probably has a lot also to do with the type of business you choose. If someone runs a shop for example then they would be tied to opening hours until at least they could afford to employ people to allow them to be more flexible.
    Thanks for your comment and experience.

  5. Freedom for me means that I can plan my time off when it suits me. It doesn’t mean that I work less than I did when I was employed but when I work it is with a much nore ‘happy heart’. I think also one of the main reasons I left the corporate world was the responsibility I had for the many people that worked for me and the many issues over which I had no real control – this way I have only myself to blame.

  6. Adrian
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Freedom is different for individuals and your freedom from the worry of looking after others is a good one to note.

  7. Starting my own business, was one of the most intimidating experiences of my life so far. The freedom work work the hours that suited me (like Sharon with her family, many of them after 7pm due to little ones). I can work anywhere there is a phone and internet connection. Everything I do I do for me. Sounds perfect.

    Freedom and Flexibility but at what cost. There is no calling in sick when you are ill, you work through it, No freedom to have a spending spree incase that invoice does not get paid on time. Holidays, I think I read about them somewhere. Good Job the mother-in-law has broadband for visits to Teignmouth.

    That said its the best decision I have made, and Greece will still be there in a few years.

  8. Hi Lucie
    Thanks for your comment. It’s good to hear from someone that has just started a new business. Greece may get cheaper by then if there economy does not improve!

  9. Running your own company enables you to personalise the service to each individual client – something that’s not entirely possible when you’re working for a larger company. There are just two of us at Dreambase (+freelance if need be) so we can be very personable with each client and also very flexible in responding to demands or changes in the market. Also the stress is a more exciting type rather than a dreading one like I used to get. At the end of the day we do still have to earn money to pay the bills though (I keep having to tell myself it’s not a hobby anymore!), not only at home but also for the fixed company expenses, so that certainly concentrates the mind. As they say, the ‘lows’ are lower but the ‘highs’ are much much higher……absolutely no regrets from my end!

  10. I wrote an article last month about the highs and lows of being in business ( which provoked similar discussions. Like many of us, I started on my own after becoming disillusioned with my old agency amd I was also travelling a lot and wasn’t seeing my children. Starting on my own seemed like a natural answer. I now enjoy the freedom, but having an iphone and an office at home actually means I work considerably longer hours as it is very hard to separate home/professional life. The uncertainty of income brings a new type of stress, but what it great is that every penny is all mine! This brings immense satisfaction.

  11. Flexibility is the key. Last year my wife was pregnant and I was able to go to all of the ante natal appoinments etc. without having to worry about asking the boss (she is of course the wife!)

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