Doing Your Business Shakespeare Style

Bare with me Shakespeare haters. Many of you probably read Shakespeare at school and could not stand it, why should someone in the 20th (or indeed, if there are any VERY young entrepreneurs reading this – 21st) century be reading about some 16th century love story, or about magic storms?

Well I believe that, now you have grown up a bit and have at least taken the first (if not many) steps into the world of entrepreneurship that, it is time to revisit those spectacular characters – both good and evil. Now, you might be asking yourself (or even thinking about commenting on this post to say “WHY are you writing this rubbish?”) what good this revival of the Elizabethan era will bring to you?

I personally believe that we can all learn A LOT from Shakespeare, and most other authors/poets/playwrights to be honest. The reason I choose Shakespeare over Jane Austen or Stephen Spielberg is due to both the amount of spectacularly crafted characters and the speculation that is often spoken of in regards to Shakespeare.

In order to learn from each individual character, you must understand what drives them. Now, this is extremely hard to explain in a single blog post, and I am far from being a Literature Scholar so it is probably worth investing in books or using Google Scholar to learn more about the characters. During my research stage of this post I found a book that (although I have not read) may be worth a read (this is not an affiliate link):

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2 thoughts on “Doing Your Business Shakespeare Style

  1. I am writing a follow up to this post that goes rather in depth into the characters.

    Perhaps it would be nice to see what the readers here think of Shakespeare characters and how they relate to entrepreneurs and business people?

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