Donald Trump – a great example of personal branding

Each one of us is unique and this is something that we can use to promote our business and build our brand.

One of the best examples of this must be that of Donald Trump. He has built his property empire on the name Trump. He names his buildings with his name attached such as Trump Towers, Trump Plaza and Trump International Hotel.

His name is his brand. The tactic has worked well. He has developed his business through his personality, determination and hard work. He has built a name that is linked to quality particularly in real estate and golf courses.

This should inspire entrepreneurs to do the same. It’s not a fancy business name or logo that gets you business. It’s your name and reputation that do. What does your name stand for? What do people think when they hear your name?

These are the questions that we should think about and build our business around our name and personality. Donald Trump and others have shown that it works. We can do the same.

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Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


5 thoughts on “Donald Trump – a great example of personal branding

  1. It is an interesting comment. I read Duncan Bannatyne’s autobiography and one thing that stuck out was if you build a business you want to have your name attached to it. Part of that is for vanity purposes! Hence, why he decided to name his gym’s after himself.

  2. Hi Roland – 5 1/2 years after having written the original blog, with Donald Trump having outraged just about every right-thinking non American, and having sewn up the Republican nomination, I wonder how you feel about this blog?
    You say “His name is his brand.” You’re spot on. You continue, “He has built a name that is linked to quality”. Not so sure about that one!!!

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