Don’t be a Luddite!

The Luddites were a group of people in England in the 19th Century who were opposed to the mechanisation of the mills. They realised that the new machines would mean that no longer would the skills they had learned over many years be useful. Skilled workers could be replaced by these machines and operated by people with little skill or new skills.

The term Luddite today has come to have the meaning of a person opposed to new technology. Are you a Luddite? Do you find yourself saying, ‘there’s nothing wrong with the way we do it now?”

The world of technology is changing very quickly. The Internet is now carried around with us in our pockets. Many of us can work anywhere in the world as long as we can get access to the Internet. It is true that new developments will end certain types of jobs or reduce the number of people needed to do them. To survive we have to learn new skills and use new technology. It is best to be a front runner rather than waiting until you have to use it.

Those that make the changes the quickest will benefit the most and a head start in any walk of life never goes amiss. Are you watching for changing trends in your business or job? When you see them on the horizon take steps to learn how to move with those changes.

The Luddites of the 19th century smashed up machines and protested. Some of them died or were executed for the cause. However their protests though costly did not stop the change or save their occupations. The lesson is clear. Adapt or die!

How do you cope with change? Please leave your comments in the box below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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One thought on “Don’t be a Luddite!

  1. Great article Roland. I agree change is good and I welcome it in to my working and home life. Quite often change can save you time and money.

    The internet is changing our lives, enabling us to bank from home, shop from home and connect with people from home. This is great for my line of work of course.

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