Eco friendly IT – Can IT be Greener?

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Eco friendly IT? It’s easier than you think!!

Eco friendly IT. IT that’s better for the environment. It’s not something many people would think about, but maybe you should. It’s all so easy to pick up the phone nowadays and call your IT support guy when something goes wrong. He comes over, fixes your problem in 10 minutes and leaves.

You’re happy, he’s happy, your PC is happy – but the very planet you are living on isn’t. In fact the carbon print from this minor visit is huge and needless! Driving to the destination, carbon emissions, driving back and of course the obligatory cup of tea all add up!

Now did you know that 90% of general IT issues can be fixed remotely? That quick fix could easily have been done by remote support, saving valuable time, energy and even a call-out fee! It’s pretty standard within the industry to offer this kind of support now, and if your current IT guy doesn’t offer this you should start thinking about changing supplier.

The good times don’t stop there! Are you recycling your old ink cartridges and toners? Did you know you can even get paid for doing this? Sites like will take your old cartridges off you for as much as £4.50 per cartridge. So not only are you helping the environment but you are actually getting paid for it! Most Household Recycling Centre’s will also take equipment like monitors, faxes, old PC’s and phones – if you are a business, then your local electrical retailer should be able to dispose of your equipment through the WEEE directive.

There is one more thing which each and every one of you could easily do, and it involves the good old fashioned piece of paper. Businesses use an astronomical amount of paper each and every year, yet a lot of it can easily be reduced. For instance let’s look at printing. By default you should be printing double-sided to save paper and also in mono. I mean, is it really necessary to print everything in colour?!?! And what about those paper invoices you are sending out – these can and should be easily converted into a PDF document and emailed out to your customers. The same can apply for any documents you may send via post. Simply scanning and emailing will save time and money.

By doing everything I have mentioned you will save time, money and feel better that you are contributing to a healthier environment.

This article has been kindly written by Mark Adams of ACS Computer Services Ltd – Chippenham Wiltshire


4 thoughts on “Eco friendly IT – Can IT be Greener?

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  2. Of course IT is relatively eco friendly, one of it’s biggest benefit is that there is no need to print/use paper! Though of course, the electricity needed would have to be ecologically produced for it to be very green.

  3. Some great points here Mark. I do what I can.
    I find it great to see that some large companies are becoming greener. Sainsburys now print the receipt on two sides, Apple email you your receipt.
    I just wish that there wasn’t so much paperwork for my accounts or I think I could possibly be paper free!

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