Electronic Signatures – save time and money!

Contracts signed now. Not next week.

Imagine the excitement.

You have just been given to go ahead for a new project. You now need the client to sign the agreement so that you can start work right away. How will you get the contract signed?  Traditionally you will get the contract written and printed then posted to your client. You then wait for the client to sign the document and return his copy to you. All of his can take many days and possibly weeks depending on the postal service. Now suppose you can speed this up to potentially take a few minutes? Wow! You will then be able to start that project. You know that the client has not changed their mind whilst the documents have been stuck in the postal system.

There is now way that you can send your documents electronically and by the recipient agreeing to the term electronically they are legally deemed to have signed the contract. E-Signature is a brilliant service that on average will have your contract signed and back to you in 25 minutes. The cost is incredibly low at 80 pence (UK) per signature for low usage to as low as 10 pence (UK) per signature for high rate users. This certainly will be lower in cost than postal charges, the cost of paper and envelopes and think of the time saved and the worry of late deliveries and lost documents.

For a demonstration and news of a special trial offer click here.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


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