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How Can You Promote Your Business for Maximum Impact Minimum Cost?

One way to do this is by arranging to have advertorials published. Advertorials are articles in magazines and other publications that are paid for to promote your business. They appear to be part of the overall articles and features within the publication. Unlike straight forward advertisements they attract the readers attention as they are in article form and give information of interest. This of course gives good PR to the company and readers who want the services offered by the advertiser are more likely to respond.

The Entrepreneur Club is a well visited website and we have an advertorial feature called “Spotlight On” where an article is produced about a company’s business. This includes photographs and links to the company’s website and can also include a video. These features are very competitively priced and are live on the website for 2 years from publication date. We also promote the articles during the 2 years to ensure that they will remain well read throughout their life.

Each article will be viewed many thousands of times during its lifetime. For this we will write the article unless you wish to use your own copy and add any photos and videos that you send to us for publication. The cost of this is currently set very low at just £299 paid with order. If during the term of the publication you wish to make changes these can be done at a minimum cost. The Spotlight On Features are a great way to create your own PR and promote your business.

To see some examples recently published click here. We guarantee that your article will never be crowded out by other features as we have a maximum publication arrangement of no more than one in any week. Publication date will always be on a Wednesday to guarantee a minimum of 7 days between features. Where else can you get such publicity for around 40 pence per day?

To book your Spotlight On Feature please use our Contact form or call 01225 775588

Image: Francesco Marino / FreeDigitalPhotos.net