Finding Followers on Twitter

Finding followers on Twitter is easy!

Why you can even automate it! However you need to ask the following questions “Why are you finding followers? What type of people are you wanting to liaise with? Is your account for a certain type of business and are you looking for business contacts?

When it comes to finding followers for business reasons simply finding followers that have little interest in you is pointless. Anyone can simply keep following people and some if not many will follow you back. You will also find that many people follow you also in the hope that you will follow them back. You will end up following thousands of people and thousands follow you with the majority never reading your tweets or being in the least interested in you or your business.

Find The Right Followers

Finding the right people to follow and for them to follow you back is a time consuming process and takes detective work to do. There are no real shortcuts and automation really does not work. Let me illustrate with a case study.

Let’s say that you supply cameras and other photographic equipment direct to photographers. Of course you need to be in touch with Photographers and this example is going to be relatively easy to demonstrate. Now you may want all your photographers to be in your country. To start visit Twitter Search or your Twitter web page and type in Photographer. On Twitter Search use the advanced feature and enter your location and radius in miles or kilometres for the search to narrow down more locally. Once you have found a photographer in the right location for you follow them and then check who they follow. It is likely that they will have found other photographers and you will be able to follow them and do the same (it is a good idea to open a new browser tab or window with anyone you find and go to them when you have finished following everyone on the first one you found.

This process is laborious and you may want to use a Find Followers Service to help you get started. It does take a lot of detective work to find some people as not all occupations are as definable as photographers and also many do not fill in their profiles in great detail.

To help you I have recorded a video to demonstrate the above method.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


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