Fire Starter or Firefighter?

Each one of is unique. All humans have many different qualities but there is one that can make us stand out from the crowd. That is a positive mental attitude. Therefore we can ask  ourselves this question, “Am I a fire starter or a firefighter?” Which attitude do we have?

The Firefighter

You have probably met many firefighters. A conversation with a firefighter goes like this. You say, “I have just started a new business?” Our firefighter friend replies, “It’s not a good time to start a business.” Or possibly you say, “I have been offered a great job with ACME” and our firefighter replies, “I believe they’re not a very good employer.”

Yes, a firefighter likes to pour water on your enthusiasm and put out the flames of enthusiasm. They take a very negative view of most things in life that they themselves either do not like or can’t do.

The Fire Starter

The best attitude to have is that of the fire starter. You have ideas and hopes and want to put them into action. Your enthusiasm is like a fire and can ignite others to action but when you meet the firefighter you need to take action! Do not let the water that these ones pour out put out your fire! The best way to deal with these negative people is first to avoid them. Second if you find yourself having a hose turned onto you then make your excuses and walk away. Do not dwell on what they have said to you.

There will always be people that will want to put you down. Rise up above them and do not even bother to respond to their negativity. There will be times when you need an honest opinion about your ideas and plans. When you do seek advice from positive people, other fire starters that will look to give you good advice and if they feel your idea is not good it will not be because they are negative.

Whatever you are doing in life or business make sure that you keep a positive attitude and start those fires!

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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