Flip Cameras – they really are good!

Flip Cameras


A few weeks ago I bought a Flip Ultra HD video camera. I am so impressed with the quality of the videos that this small camera can produce. You will see videos at The Entrepreneur Club that have been shot using this camera.

It certainly works best when it is held very still or an a tripod as it does not have a stabilization system built in although new versions of Apple iMovie editing software now can help to correct any problems that may cause.

The picture is definitely very sharp and the microphone can pick up quite clearly from a good distance.

The camera comes with a rechargeable battery pack but will take 2 AA batteries. It is recharged via the USB port although a separate charger can be purchased. For those that are adventurous an underwater housing is available. Simple editing software is included that will be fine for most people to start with. You can easily upload to YouTube.

Why use Flip Cameras?

Flip cameras are great for video blogging, recording presentations, making videos for YouTube and much much more.

What’s more here is a great online video course from a leading UK TV producer that can teach you how to get the best from your Flip camera or other make of pocket camera. You will be shown how to make videos that people will love to watch. Use them for your business or just to impress your friends! For more details click here.

Flip Cameras - Learn how to use in this Pocket Video Power CourseGo on a Flip Cameras Course

I have been taking part in an online course called Pocket Video Power. The course has been designed to take 5 weeks although you can vary the pace to suit you. I will take longer! The course is by a leading UK TV producer Jules Watkins. It will help you make some great videos for business or just to impress your friends.

Flip cameras are fantastic and I love using mine. For anyone wanting to get into video and wanting quality at a very affordable price, flip cameras are a great way of getting started.


25 thoughts on “Flip Cameras – they really are good!

  1. Hmmmm – been thinking of getting one of these for a while now. I like the look and they all seem to get good reviews. Is there a tripod you recommend?

  2. Hi Mark
    Any camera tripod but for portability I use the Flip portable desk top one. There is also the small tripod made by Guerilla that has legs that will wrap around objects to secure it.

  3. Hi Roland,

    Nice article!

    The results of your filming are very impressive, considering the size and portability of this bit of kit.

    On the subject of tripods, I recommend the Gorilla Pod, which is sturdy on a flat surface (or slightly uneven, even!) but also allows you to grip structures with it to support your camera, such as posts, fences, scafolding bars etc etc.


  4. Robin
    Another update on battery life. I gave the camera 10 minute rest then switched back on. Battery now running for another 38 mins and counting though showing as exhausted. Not many people would run for over one hour without a break. Remember it will take standard size AA batteries.

  5. Thanks Roland. I should of put my questions round the other way, as I was wondering on the cost of the camera.

    I’ve already got one of those tripods that came free with my camera yrs age

  6. Robin
    Battery test over. The battery may not have been fully charged before I started the test. It lasted in all the full 2 hours that the camera will take. Although it switched off just after the hour due to low battery warning when restarted it simply carried on even when the battery meter was ’empty’!

  7. Have to agree with Roland as I am a huge fan of the Flip camera, it is a great piece of kit and I use it for both my own videos and for clients videos too.

    It is easy to use, portable and gives great HD video quality, plus it is ultra-portable and when it comes to uploading the videos to your computer it could not be simpler with the usb port.

  8. I know you were very excited when you got your new toy Roland. I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the video it produces.

    I too am thinking of purchasing one and will look around for a great deal on it! I really want to start filming a 40 seconds or one of my 4sights to see how I am on camera (although I’ve been on enough of yours now!) and also to use them as promotion on my website.

  9. I would love a flip camera, but have not got enough money to be able to spare the money that they cost. One day I shall get one and we can video chat!

  10. They are certainly a useful business tool aren’t they! Lot’s of ideas here for their use. Excellent!

    Roland, is it easy to transfer what you have filmed onto your pc/Mac?

  11. Flip’s were great. I’ve been pushing them for 3 years or so as a great way to get user generated content on-line for vloging, embedding in websites and YouTube marketing.

    Sad to say that Cisco discontinued them earlier this year, the market’s under pressure from both competing devices and HD cams in phones – shame that phones don’t have a tri-pod mount. Even Google Guru Matt Cutts has one – http://goo.gl/ibaCX

    If you like a good story you should read the background to them, they started out as a disposable video camera that was hacked to make it multi-use and the Flip was born http://goo.gl/CMC9b

  12. I have a Flip Ultra , had it just over a year with good results, but recently I connected to my computer and nothing…No Charging, no possibility of downloading the video on it. The camera still plays the recent videos and will take new video but nothing else. I have tried to find someone who repairs these but alas it doesn’t seem that there is anyone in the UK. Thats Bad, why sell these if no one can repair them , I don’t call £180 quid disposable. Advice here, don’t buy one or be prepared to pay for extended warranty.

  13. Hi John
    Unfortunately since this article was written Cisco have announced that they are stopping production.
    Have you tried taking the battery out then connecting it to the pc? Then disconnect and reinsert battery.

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