Get out of Your Comfort Zone

All of reach a point in life where we feel comfortable. That may be with regard to the place where we live, the job we do or the business that we own. In this article I want to talk about the danger of being in business and finding ourselves in a comfort zone.

Let me illustrate this by using a shop owner as the example. The shop is going well and customers are coming from many miles away because the shop has some great items that are not readily available elsewhere. The customer service is good and all is going really well. Comfortable it certainly is.

Ask this question

The question is this. Is our shop owner missing out on more success? Has he got a website so that he could reach out to more distant customers? Can he open more shops and replicate his success? It seems that our shop owner has not done these things because as he puts it, “I am doing well, my shop is successful”. Yes he is comfortable. He could be more successful and the opportunity is there for him to not only make more money but to offer more jobs to people in the community where his business can expand.

There may be other aspects in business too where being in a comfort zone may hold us back. It may be for example that we have always advertised in a certain way or had promotions at set times of the year. We may feel that this has always worked. However could something new do better? If we take the attitude, “I have always done it this way” it may be that we are stuck in a comfort zone and it could hold back our business from doing better.

How is your business? Or are you wanting your own business but are feeling comfortable in your job financially even though you want to do something new? Is the thought of losing that comfortable position preventing you from moving on?

Time for action!

Now is the time for action! If you really want more success then you must be prepared to move out of your comfort zone. Look for new ways to do things in your business and try them out. Seek advice and help if you are not sure about doing it yourself but don’t stay stuck in your comfort zone or as some may say “stuck in a rut!”

Roland Millward

The Entrepreneur Club

How do you get out of your comfort zone?  Please leave your comments below.


4 thoughts on “Get out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Roland:

    Great post! Right now for me getting out of my comfort zone is creating video of myself. I am so worried what people might think that I have not created any videos starring myself.

    But you are right, the time for action is now. I am currently involved with the Marketing with Alex 3.0 coaching program. I am starting to realize that I need to keep taking actiona and keep moving forward and get out of my comfort zone.

    Being in our comfort zone for any extended period of time will cause our business to grow stale and not grow.


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  2. Hi Rick
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I am pleased that you like the post. Video is a great way to communicate and like you I am getting out of my comfort zone on that one! I am looking to buy a video camera and start soon!
    Best wishes with your videos and let me know when you have done your first one!

  3. Being comfortable really lulls you into this sense that everything is going alright but in reality, you’re dying off.

    If you stop trying to be on the edge and evolving with your business, a new fast and upcoming one will.

  4. Hi Murlu
    Great comment! You are right just like an athlete who is cruising in a race thinking that they are ahead and suddenly … zoom … they are overtaken.

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