Have a “To Do” List

To be efficient it is vital that you do not forget to do tasks. Your customers will not be happy if you do not keep your promises and failing to carry out tasks can cost you your reputation and money.

One of the best ways to be organised is to have  a ‘to do list’ where you can write down tasks that you must do. Any tasks that you fail to complete on one day should be added to the top of the list the next day. Of course tasks that must be done on a certain day you should mark as Priority and do them. I often find that there are some tasks that I don’t like doing and the human reaction is to try and put off those tasks as much as possible. A tip that I learned a long time ago was to do the tasks first that you least like. Once those tasks are done you feel a lot better and can enjoy the rest of your day without constantly thinking that you need to do them. Putting off such tasks will probably slow you down from doing your work as you may keep thinking about them creating in you a negative feeling.

Active and Re-Active Tasks

Be flexible with your list because tasks will fall into 2 categories. I will call these Active and Re-active. Active tasks are the ones that you plan for. At the end of every day or the beginning of the new day write down the tasks that you know have to be done carrying over those not completed on your previous list. These are the active tasks. However maybe something will happen such as a telephone call from a customer that needs action. This is a reactive task and will need to be added to your list. This task may need to take precedence over some other tasks and so your list needs to allow flexibility to add this task to today’s work even if that means leaving something not as important until tomorrow.

You may wish to number your tasks giving them an order in which they need to be completed rather than trying to write them down in order of importance. This is more flexible as when you think of tasks to do you can write them on your list and number them after completing the list rather than trying to think of tasks in order of importance and possibly forgetting to write a task down as a result.

Time Management

A to do list is a great way to have good time management and work both in business and our personal lives. Get into the habit of creating a daily list, one for business and one for your personal life. You will find that you will be much more organised and find more time available than you thought you had.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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3 thoughts on “Have a “To Do” List

  1. I love task lists!!! Great article Roland.

    I think lists help to clear your mind and let you see in black & white what you have to do. You may find that once written down some tasks can be grouped together to be completed consecutively – saving you time.

  2. I actually go a little overboard with my to-do lists but I think it’s really helped me curve my idle time into productive time.

    I break it down to the minute – this may be a little over analyzing but keeping the tasks short and on point helps to get things done 🙂

  3. Murlu, I don’t think that it is over analysing at all. I recommend to clients that they set up a work schedule. This can be be daily, weekly even yearly!! Work out when tasks and projects should be completed and from this you can work backwards setting deadlines for individual components of projects. Keeps you on track and not rushing at the last minute.

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