Have fun in Your Business!

People everywhere talk about the seriousness of business. There is a great responsibility in business to yourself, your family, your employees, suppliers and customers. This responsibility can sometimes wear us down making work a chore and not a pleasure.

Whilst every business can have its stresses it is important to enjoy the work that we do. If we don’t we are more likely to fail and have unhappy customers who pick up on our feelings. Therefore keep the fun in business. Make time each day for a little light relief from the tedious tasks. If you employ people maybe have a bit of fun for 10 minutes with a game (which can be business based) and maybe give a prize to the winner such as small token like a bar of chocolate. By having moments when everyone can have a smile and some fun will make the day go better and it will be more fun to be at work and helps everyone get through the more difficult parts of the day.

Enjoy your day!

What do you do to keep the fun in your business? Please comment below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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6 thoughts on “Have fun in Your Business!

  1. If you don’t enjoy working, particularly as an entrepreneur, what is the point of doing it!

    Totally agree that setting aside fun-time is a good idea.

    Another great article Roland

  2. Yes totally agree work must be fun. I consider myself very lucky as I enjoy about 99.9% of my job. Running your own business can often mean lengthy hours and you really have to enjoy it. Splitting the day up into manageable sections and stopping for a treat can help if you have a big task ahead.

  3. Hi Emma.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s great that you love your work as that is definitely to best form of work to do! I agree that splitting your day into sections is good.

  4. I am a business student and one day will be an entrepreneur myself, I realize this posting was over a year ago, but do you have any insight as to the best way to decide upon which endeavor to stretch out on. I have plenty of business ideas most of which I have written business plans for and would enjoy, but my main stopping point always seems to be the fun aspect. I find myself not wanting to lose that sheer joy that accompanies the activity. How do you branch out into investing into your potential idea without losing the fun?

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