Health & Safety: You’re Guilty Coz We Say So!

Health and Safety Law can be very confusing and many companies and individuals have found it difficult to understand. In this video Andy Farrall of Management & Safety Training Ltd speaks on the subject of health and safety at work. The title of his talk is: You’re Guilty Coz We Say So!

AndyFarrall4Sight from Roland Millward on Vimeo.

You can contact Andy Farrall on 07771 538985 and via his website. Andy can give you expert help and advice on making sure that you do not break any health and safety laws and that you are a responsible employer and also protect your customers.


One thought on “Health & Safety: You’re Guilty Coz We Say So!

  1. I was there whilst this was being filmed. It really is a good 4sight and a great insight into Health and Safety and the problems that can be faced by a business.

    In particular the reverse burden of proof.

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