How do you use your smart phone for business?

Do you carry your office in your pocket?

With mobile phones getting smarter all the time I would like to find out how many of my readers use them as a mobile office.

With phones like the Blackberry and iPhone proliferating there are now so many applications available for them that can be used in business.

Emails can be checked and sent, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook can all be handled well on smart phones. The Internet can be used and most websites work reasonably well on a smart phone. It is possible to use spreadsheets and other applications too. Therefore I want to ask you a question.

How do you use your phone for your business and which application do you find useful to managing your business?

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Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


10 thoughts on “How do you use your smart phone for business?

  1. Don’t forget Android phones which are totaly awesome. Posting this from mine.

    Smartphones really help you take your biz forward, especially when combined with the cloud.

  2. OK here are just a few of the business-related things I do on my iPhone:

    Send and receive emails
    Update Twitter and reply to comments – for both me and a client – using the Echofon app
    Add blog articles and respond to comments using the WordPress app
    Use I Spy app to check the Google Analytics data for both my website and those I’ve built for clients
    Access documents via my Dropbox app
    Scan business cards using CamCard app – which then prepares a spreadsheet of contact details
    Set my out of office status with the company that answer my phones via text message
    View and edit my calendar and task list using Calengoo and Geetasks, which both sync with my Google calendar and Outlook
    Keep up to date with industry-related blogs via the RSS Feedlr app
    Check for available domain names with the 123-reg app

    … and I’m sure there’s more too!

  3. Just a few input as sharing my experiences how I utilize smartphones for business.
    Sending emai,sms,mmsl to remote control my bookstore and travel agent in Bali and send to
    Business patner.We can manage it any where and any time we need.
    We also used it for browsing any where and any time we need.
    So all we need we hold it in our hand or pocket

  4. I love that I can do so much on my iphone whilst away fro the office, it’s been a godsend!
    I use it to keep on toop of emails so I don’t have to dp so many in the evening
    I access my calender to check and book appointment
    I tweet, Facebook and LinkIn via my phone
    I can google answers to queries if I need to give an answer I don’t have straight away
    I use it to keep notes of meetings or ideas
    I voice record ideas and memo’s for later
    I play music during training via a small but mighty speaker
    I use it to identify music I hear when I’m out and download it straight into a playlist
    I have my backup sat nav on it
    I listen to audiobooks when driving from it
    Would be lost now without it!!!

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