How Smart is Your Phone?

Very few of us would now think that we don’t need a mobile phone for our business use, in fact many people feel that they are an essential part of life for private use.

With the development of so called smart phones such as Blackberry, HTC and the iPhone there are now many more uses for a phone than making taking telephone calls.

Here are some of the applications that are really becoming essential to you and your business whilst on the move.

Address books
Synchronized Calendars with alarms
Social Media applications such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook
Expense and mileage records
GPS – don’t ever get lost!
The Internet
Language Translators
Sales tools to take clients orders whilst on the road

The list is fairly endless but these will give you some idea just how you can use a phone to manage your business when away from your office.

How do you use your phone for business? Please share your ideas and favourite applications by leaving your comments in the box below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


8 thoughts on “How Smart is Your Phone?

  1. I think sometimes people rely on these a bit too much and have unnecessary apps and features.

    However if you are web browsing and emailing you need a good phone that will help you stay ahead of the game. I think it is a good idea to pick the best network in your area too!

    Things to watch for when getting a phone is the Data allowance and fair usage policies. this can really sting you if you are not careful.

    By the way I love the HTC Desire, awesome phone!

  2. You’re quite right Robin. A phone should be good for calling in the main. In fact most lower spec phones will deal with POP3 email reasonably easily.

    I think they are just useful if you are out and about a lot and want to keep in touch. i.e reading useful blogs, twitter, google, looking at documents etc.

    You are also right about battery life. It is generally not good on these phones but i think things are improving.

  3. I’ve also got the HTC Desire, love it. However, I was away for a couple of days without a power source and it was touch and go on battery life. Thankfully you can switch off all the background apps, which helps.

    Most important for me on my phone is the email (I have to admit to using a more basic phone for calls – a £5 Nokia! – simply because the battery lasts for a week so there is no way I need to worry about not being able to take a call) and then the calendar, which syncs seamlessly with me Google Apps account. Also comes with built in Sat Nav, which has come in pretty handy trying to find offices in far flung places this year.

  4. I have a Blackberry Pearl and it is great! I do not use all of the functionality, ie. I rarely use the office facilities but they are available for when I do need them.

    The email side of it is second to none, increases productivity by a lot, especially when working in a team and the deadline is approaching.

  5. I am converted, love my new iphone and i must say it has better coverage, now on O2 than i had with t mobile.
    Not up to speed with all the apps yet, that will come when i have more time

  6. I use my iPhone 4 all day everyday. I couldn’t run my business without it. From sending and receiving emails to checking stock levels, up to date prices and staying in constant touch with my accounts department and trades men. The battery under this use seems on average to last about 56 hours according to it’s internal timer. I would recommend to anyone who needs to be in touch with their customers, staff, emails etc 24/7.

  7. I have to say though, I use a £5 Nokia phone to make and receive all my calls! Battery lasts just over a week and I have no worries about dropping it or any unforeseen misshaps.

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