How to Find Great Open Source Software

Here is how you can get great Open Source Software.  There are many great programs that are FREE!

Get on the internet and go to

Once at this website, you can find just about any kind of program you’ll need for FREE! Some of the software types you can find are as follows: Education, Security, Games, Software Development, Communications, Database, Networking, Storage, Hardware, etc. Any one of these programs may be just what you are looking for!

Use the menus on the left side of the page to navigate where you would like to go and what you’de like to find.

Do you like to download music?  You can download emule from this site.  Spyware is a big problem these days and it has no ads or spyware built in to it! That’s a big plus! (spyware is installed on your computer to see what you look at most on the internet and then will pop up ads for services or sites that you might be interested in looking at as well.)  Unless you have a spyware or ad blocker program installed spyware ads can be very very annoying!

If you like games, you can find find puzzle games (which can be great for your child that is going back to school), card games, a flight simulator, reality games, etc.  Lots of good stuff!

Do you need anti-virus software or anti-spyware software on your computer but can’t afford to buy any?  Here is the site for you!  Go to the menu on the left and click on security and choose which software you might need to protect your computer and your valuable information!

There are many other programs/software that can really benefit you.

Outside of sourceforge there are other means of finding great Open Source Software.  Here is one other one that I have enjoyed using since the day I found it mainly because I didn’t want to go out and spend money on MS Word.

Do you need to create Word Documents but don’t have word?  Can you not afford MS Word?  What about Excel or other programs offered through MS Office?  I couldn’t afford it, so this is what I found….Here is where you can find a program that is just like Word for free!

One great program that saved me major bucks is a program like Microsoft Office. This program is called Open Office. The website for it is You can download Open Office and install it from that website. Here, you can create spreadsheets, word documents, do math problems, do drawings, etc.  You will love this program…guaranteed!

Always remember:  You can use a search site like to find other open source software.  In the search bar, just type in “open source software.” See what comes up, you might find something great!

Have fun enjoying your new software! Remember: You can donate money to the maker(s) of the software if you would like. There is usually a button you can click to donate money. Once again though, it is on a voluntary basis.

Original article: How to Find Great Open Source Software – written by Kyle Davenport on Factoidz


5 thoughts on “How to Find Great Open Source Software

  1. Interesting read and definitely worth considering, however be aware that the support for many of these is not what you will get from paid products.

    Even if you do not go to the provider ensure you have someone who can support you with these open source applications.

    If you want to discuss you requirements get in touch, and we can assist you in finding the best value for money applications from the many open source apps available.

  2. Vinay
    That is a good point that you make. Most opensource software though does have forums where users can raise questions and usually find a helpful group of people to answer them.
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi Simon. Thanks for commenting. I can certainly recommend Simon’s site. I have downloaded a number of free applications and have been really good to use. Keep up the good work Simon.

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