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Advice on How to Stay Healthy


How to stay healthy - Giovanna Giraud-Saunders Parkfields Homeopathy Devizes Wiltshire
Giovanna Giraud-Saunders

When you’re in business getting sick can really be damaging. Even if you have made the wise decision to take out sickness insurance your business is a risk. If your business closes down because you can’t work it is little comfort your income was covered until you’re better when you have no business to go back to.

When I speak to many self employed people they tend to take the view that they will work whilst they are sick. For minor ailments this can be possible although working whilst ill could lead to more problems later on due to not resting.

Sadly sickness can strike anyone one of us at anytime and its effects can be devastating. What can we do to reduce the chance of getting sick in the first place? I asked Giovanna Giraud-Saunders a homeopathy health specialist based in Devizes, Wiltshire for some advice on how to stay healthy.

What steps would you suggest to follow to make sure that a person can stay healthy?


There are the normal suggestions. I would tell my patients to have a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of water to drink. They also should limit their intake of tea, coffee and alcohol and have moderate exercise for half an hour every day, a gentle stroll in the afternoon sun would be enough. They should also make sure that they get enough good quality sleep. But life happens and it can be quite stressful particularly when you are self employed. Homeopathy can be the answer because it helps in stressful situations and with minor ailments. I have a lot of patients who just come for a check up and don’t need a prescription every time but it means we could deal with problems quickly when they arise.

If someone is feeling unwell despite trips to the doctor and only being told “it’s probably a virus” what can they do?


If they get told by their GP that it is something they have to sit out then a trip to the Homoeopath is strongly advised. Homeopathy can shorten the length of time a person needs to recover and it can alleviate the severity of symptoms or take them away completely. You don’t have to suffer but you have to work closely with your Homoeopath because symptoms can change and then the homeopathic medicine needs adjusting to meet the new symptoms of the patient in acute situations. Sometimes I’m on the phone with a patient in an acute situation every day to evaluate the situation but my experience is that Homeopathy helps very quickly in acute situations. I certainly never had a day off work since I use Homoeopathy and that was for the last 20 years.

I would like to thank Giovanna for answering my questions and if you have any health issues that you would like to discuss you can get in touch through her website.

As a business owner you need to stay healthy but do make sure that you have plans in place such as income protection insurance and also arrangements with people that you can call on to keep your business going.

I would like to wish you good health and if you have any comments on how to stay healthy please leave them in the box below.


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