How to Write a Successful Blog Post

How can you write a successful blog post?

Writing does not come naturally for many people but with practice skills can be developed. Most readers of blogs are not reading them with a literary eye. They are looking for information and interesting insights. Your writing style does not have to match that of top writers and journalists. However there are a few things you can do that will make sure that your blog post is well received.

Theme and Title

Your blog post / article should have a theme and a title. Don’t confuse the two. The title is to capture interest. The theme is what your article is all about. Let me show you. Let’s say you want to write an article about training a puppy. This is quite a large subject so you need to narrow this down to a more specific niche. You decide to write about how to stop your puppy chewing things he shouldn’t. The title could be, “Who ate my shoes?” The title is intriguing and as long as it fits the theme when you write it then your job is done. Quite often it’s best to choose the title after you have written your blog post.

The Three Components

Once you have selected your theme, decide what the main points are that you will write about. Next compose that in note form Your blog post will need to consist of an introduction, the main section and a conclusion. These are the main three components that make up your blog post.

The introduction is to capture your reader’s attention perhaps by means of a question or illustration that will get him thinking and want to read more. It should be punchy and not very long.

The main section is where you deliver the meat of the article, answering the points that you set out to achieve. Try to be specific and do not ramble. Use easily understood words and phrases and if you have to use technical terms make sure that you explain them.

The conclusion or end of your blog post should tie up any loose ends and make sure that your reader has been motivated to action where action is called for. You could give a very brief summary of the main points of the blog post and invite the reader to now use the information you have given him.

So start thinking of some subjects and themes that you would like to write and then list the main points. Research your blog post where you need to and start writing. Don’t forget to write a good introduction and conclusion. These two elements are to some extent more important that the rest of the article. If readers don’t like your introduction they may not read the rest of the blog post no matter how good it is. The conclusion is the last thing they read and most people remember the last thing they read or see so it’s worth spending time getting this right.

Final Checks

Always read through your article several times before publishing, use a spellchecker and if possible ask someone else to read it. It pays dividends to wait a day before reading it again and you will be amazed how you will spot errors or find ways to improve your writing before publishing the blog post.

When we are writing we are thinking faster than we can write and you will notice that sentence structure can suffer because of this. So do take your time in going over your work later. Plan to write well ahead of any deadlines that you have set yourself so that you have time to correct any errors and to rewrite where better ways of expressing yourself become obvious.

One word of warning that I would add though is whilst you try to cut out the obvious or even plain silly mistakes don’t aim for perfection in your writing. If you aim for perfection you probably will not publish much and you will make your life miserable by trying to achieve it.

Above all enjoy your writing, don’t give up and keep learning as you write.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

Also published at Factoidz

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2 thoughts on “How to Write a Successful Blog Post

  1. Nice article Roland. Great point about leaving the blog and coming back later. As a copywriter I continually amaze myself at the number of small errors I can make on a first draft, and a period of rest before revisiting the post makes all the difference.

    I also find that reading out loud helps pick up some errors in sentence structure. OK, the family thinks I’m odd, but what the hey…

  2. Great post, I think the title should be how to write a great blog post, instead of successful one because too often great posts don’t become successful because of the lack of marketing after it is published.

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