Ian Beardsall: Well Formed Outcome

Award winning therapist Ian Beardsall explains how we can have a well formed outcome to our dreams, hopes and aspirations. Ian will gladly help anyone with personal issues using his vast experience and he helps people from around the world that travel to the UK to see him.

We see Ian addressing a business network breakfast group at Chippenham, Wiltshire.

You can contact Ian by telephone +44 (0)1934 642592.

Ian Beardsall from Roland Millward on Vimeo.

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7 thoughts on “Ian Beardsall: Well Formed Outcome

  1. I was in attendance at this 4sight and Ian really gets to the core of what you are as a person.

    This can really make you think about what you want from any business decision and also a great way of reviewing it.

  2. Great insight into how to plan, prepare and take action on goals for life and business. I completely agree with Ian’s views on how there is no such thing as failure, and how success is a journey – very important principals and my sort of stuff as I firmly believe in all that Ian was preaching.
    Not sure about the jacket though 😉

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