Internet Marketing: Is it all about the List?

It’s all about the list!

You will hear that said over and over again by many Internet Marketers. And to a degree it is true. Your business needs customers and a mailing list is your way of finding and keeping customers. However there is more involved than simply having a list.

What you really need is a list of buyers not lookers. People who have bought products in your niche even if not from you are more likely to buy again than those who have simply registered to get your free ebook.

To have a really valuable and productive list is therefore more than capturing names and email addresses it is about finding people that buy in the niche that you operate. If you have a list for example of people that have bought music CD’s it is not going to be a productive list for selling lawn mowers. If you have a list of people that obtained a free ebook that may have some merit if your product matches the subject of the book but they are not proven buyers.

It can therefore pay to buy in lists of people that have bought rather than enquired about products. Some of these lists can be simply postal addresses and can be bought in more cheaply than with email details. You can then send a postcard to all on the list with a link to a squeeze page to capture their details and therefore build your own better and more valuable list.

If by now you are wondering how can you get hold of such information I would like you to visit this website and see what my buddy Ryan Deiss has discovered. This is really hot information and I would urge you to take a look.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club


4 thoughts on “Internet Marketing: Is it all about the List?

  1. Totally agree, unfortunately I think a lot of Internet Marketeers seem to think blasting a mailing out to as many people as possible will work!

    The clever guys realise that there is much more to it.

  2. Very true Roland, a list of proven BUYERS is so much more valuable and efficient than a list of BROWSERS!

    A list of browsers may give as little as a 100 – 1 ratio (i.e. 1%) of mailings to a sale, if you’re lucky! But think about how that percentage would increase from a list of proven buyers for that type of product or service you are marketing/selling. Wow!!

    Eric Woodhams
    Consortia Marketing Ltd

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