Is Offline Marketing Dead?

Offline Marketing 

When you listen to some Internet gurus you would think that only online marketing works and that offline marketing is dead. In fact that is complete rubbish! There is more offline marketing that is effective than there is online. Why can I say that?

To answer that question think about just some of the offline marketing that we come across every day.

TV / Radio advertising
Bill Boards
Adverts on buses & trucks
Shop windows
Posters and other in-store displays
In store promotional counters (taste & see)
Leaflets and brochures
Text messages
A Boards
Telephone marketing
Mail shots
Newspapers & Magazines
Promotional Material such as pens, T-Shirts, Umbrellas
Sports Sponsorship

The list could go on but I think I will stop at this point. As you can see there are many ways that you can market your business offline that online marketing can’t even compete with. However online marketing is very important but don’t be conned into thinking that it will replace offline marketing for most businesses. Indeed it can be said that offline marketing is not dead.

What do you to market your business offline? Please leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Is Offline Marketing Dead?

  1. Totally agree Roland. My personal theory is that the offline stuff is not sexy so people don’t like to focus on it. It’s not a new shiny toy like a lot of the online stuff. It’s just interacting with people and for people like me, leveraging offline assets and building relationships is what I do best.

  2. Hi Roland – In your list of off-line marketing, you missed one really important category – networking.

    Although we are big fans of online marketing, as solicitors, are generating an increasing amount of work from networking – after all people buy people. I’m not talking primarily about the average local networking event, I’m talking about attending highly focused networking – and then following up with coffee, lunch, dinner etc. We recently generated a bit of work already worth £30K from dinner and I’m having particular success generating an increasing amount of work from property investors by using the extensive property networking community- particularly Progressive Property Network.

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