It’s Not How Far – But How High?

I was reading a blog very recently about a man who had just completed a sponsored bicycle ride. He made this very interesting point in his blog, “it’s not how far – but how high.” Cycling on a level road is far easier than cycling uphill.

This statement has given me the inspiration for this post. In business we can be cruising along nicely. Everything is going along as normal. We have a steady stream of customers and we are making a reasonable profit. We are putting in reasonable effort as we travel our road. However what would happen if we pedaled a little harder as though we were going uphill?

Now this illustration can be applied in a couple of ways. Firstly by pedaling harder we can achieve more. My second point is when we hit more difficult times we need to put more effort in just to stay at the same speed and maintain our level of business. Now of course we can not stay pedaling ‘flat out’ all the time, there will be times when things are going so well it will be like cycling downhill at other times uphill and then on the level. What we need to do is put in the right amount of effort to achieve the results that we want.

How do you make sure that you keep pedaling at the right speed in your business? Please leave your comments in the box below.

Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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