It’s not what you know

“It’s not what you know, but who you know” is a phrase that often is used by people to describe how you get things done and succeed in life.

There is a lot of truth in that saying and that is why many business people spend time networking. This can be at networking events, seminars, online, on the golf course, the country club, the pub or anywhere else that they can meet people with whom they can either do business or be referred to the right people. Yes, networking is often about meeting people that have the connections and not necessarily the direct contacts.

Many networkers go to events and forget that people lead to people. You never know who the people you meet know or who they are related to. Treat every person you meet with the greatest respect when you network. Build a rapport with everyone without being pushy or even selling your business to them. You will find articles about networking here at The Entrepreneur Club.

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Roland Millward
The Entrepreneur Club

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5 thoughts on “It’s not what you know

  1. Oh so very true –

    Depending on what you do it varies but its a golden rule that younger entrepreneurs should learn now and never forget. It will shape their future – very wise words. Add to that courtesy to everyone you meet.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to write this valuable, credible article and the extra material included.

    Wesley I am with you too..

    I totally agree with all the above… Now days, I am so weary and wary of people who attend meetings once to try to “pitch their product”. If they don’t show up again I generally forget them…

    Products themselves are the lowest priority in my mind when I first meet someone now days. I want to know a little about the person, their interests, their history in so far as they’re willing or comfortable to share…then, if I like the feel of the conversation at this point, will I ask them those wonderful words, “So J or S what do you do for work”, or “what’s the product you’re most passionate about”?

    Today when I hear those words about what I do… I have a success in process. Value has been added and received…it’s a great start.

    Why? Because I am now beyond the “first date” and finding out if we like each other enough to go the “next level”…only from this point is it possible to build a long term relationship or client. Only at this point will that person be willing to share my name as a referral to a friend…

    Take the time to build it and it will grow…it’s called leverage and it’s powerful and works.

  3. David – thanks for commenting. It’s always good to have your input here at The Entrepreneur Club. The Meet, Like, Know, Trust principle is the key for good networking as you are practicing. Best wishes, Roland

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