Keep in Touch with Your Customers

Keep in Touch – a Question

Keep in Touch with your customers says Roland Millward
Author: Roland Millward

How many businesses that you have bought goods or services from you actually keep in touch?

If anyone asked those businesses where much of their business comes from they may well answer “repeat customers or referrals”. Every business owner should know that a lot of business will come that way. So let’s ask the question. “Why are not those businesses keeping in touch with their customers regularly to encourage repeat business and referrals?”

Keep in Touch – How?

There are many ways for businesses to keep in touch with their customers. By mail, email, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, telephone and  text message and there may be more you could add. Do you gather customer details so that you can contact them? Many businesses have to get the customers address and phone number as part of the transaction so that part becomes easy. If you are in a business that would not normally do that why not have a form for customers to complete with those details. You could encourage them to complete it by entering them into a prize draw, maybe a monthly one so that they want to stay on the list. You can create a “club” feel so that those that register feel a part of something special and look forward to receiving mail and email from you.

With online tools like Twitter and Facebook make sure that your accounts are displayed in your premises if customers visit them and on your literature and website. Use social media to create a bond between your business and your customers.

Keep in Touch – How Often?

This can vary from business to business. For some businesses a weekly newsletter of offers could be ideal for others less so. You should keep in touch by active methods such as mail and email at least once every 3 months. For online contact, sending Tweets should be daily and at different times along with engaging with your customers. Similarly leave daily messages on your Facebook page and make sure you don’t simply say the same things on Twitter and Facebook at the same time. There will be some people that follow you on both. If you want to be more successful in your business without having to go and find new customers all the time, do this. Keep in touch.


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