Keeping Your Balance in Life and Business

There are many pressures on all of us in our lives today. Time flies by and it becomes ever more difficult to apportion time between the things we have to do or indeed should do. How can we keep a balance in our lives?

We often hear talk about having a work – life balance and it is important to keep in mind that whilst we need an income there are some things that money cannot buy or replace. If we have children they need our time and attention. Expensive toys do not make up for the loss of affection shown by spending time with our children. We can also lose out a lot in life when we lose those family ties that only time spent with people can build.

What can we do?

If we are going to be balanced and really enjoy our lives we need to sit down and prioritize our time. We need to allocate time to work, to the family, to rest and when that time is allocated apart from real emergencies to make sure that we stick to our schedule. For those of us that own our own business it is far too easy to work too much and even create tasks that are not necessary and waste valuable time. It would be good to read a good book or take a course on time management so that you can really maximize your use of time.

It has often been said that when people are lying in hospital following a heart attack they never say “I wish I had spent more time at the office!” When a person is hit with an illness or a member of their family is ill or worse then it does change our perspective on life and work. It is a shame that it takes a terrible situation to do that. It is is therefore best to think now about our work – life balance and plan to make sure that we enjoy what is really best for us whilst we can.

How do you get a proper work – life balance? Please share your experience by commenting in the box below.

Roland Millward
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8 thoughts on “Keeping Your Balance in Life and Business

  1. I believe planning is the key. Work out what you have to do and schedule in times to do such things. I so often see people flitting from one thing to another and back again and not really achieving anything. Each person is individual and we all know are plus points and bad points. If time management/organisation is not one of your strong points you are going to have to be disciplined. I use a system called MoSCoW.
    M=Must do now
    S=Should do now
    C=Could do now
    W=Will wait.
    It is important to do the Must do now and will take priority but do try to mix in the S and C in order to break things up.
    If you are in control of your workload it is much easier to have time for your personal life.

  2. Ha! I have a work-work-life balance to sort out – a day job, a business, and a life! I do it by a combination of fortunate circumstances and planning, so…

    – My day job is on flexitime. I go in early, leave early but build up some spare hours, and have time to do a couple of hours on Libro before tea. I take off a flexiday if I have a big Libro job on – and recently I took off a week to concentrate on a peak in Libro business which, luckily, I can predict
    – My Libro work is done entirely from home and I can do it at any time. Early mornings are good for me, for example
    – Planning – I have a gantt chart for Libro work. I can work out what to prioritise from that
    – Life – I make sure I have an hour an evening for my partner. I don’t work well after 9pm anyway so usually stop at 9. If I have a big job to quote for, I talk to M about whether we are OK for me to do it (eg a PhD to proofread that came in before our week holiday but was due after it. Compromise was, I worked like mad the weekend before the hol, then took no work with me)
    – I prioritise partner, exercise (sometimes a run together gets both done!) and friends. Housework and reading get done when they can. I have actually kept the house OK and got a lot more organised with less time-wasting (but some me time still!)

    I’m looking at dropping a day at the day job in the New Year, which will help me sustain business at this level but more comfortably. As I build the business, I’ll look at swapping out another day.

    Hope that’s been illuminating in some way!

  3. Since Roland tweeted this link again, I’ve got an update

    – have booked off a day per week from the day job up until Christmas
    – in active talks to reduce my day job hours permanently
    – got a cleaner!

    This has helped the work/life balance a lot – even if it’s a work/work/life balance, something has to give sometimes!

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