KISS Principle – Keep it Simple Stupid

Keep it Simple, Stupid – KISS Principle

The Kiss Principle - Keep it Simple, StupidThe KISS principle meaning: Keep it Simple, Stupid is credited to the US Navy in 1960. The best teachers are able to explain things in a way that their students will understand. The best procedures are easy to follow. The most well used tools although having a great deal of technology are simple to use.

We live in a world where it is easy to over complicate. There has been a huge technological and industrial revolution and science has come on leaps and bounds with all the complexity that brings.
The job of the technologist, industrialist and scientist is to make their inventions and discoveries workable. If they can make them simple to use they will bring massive benefits.

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Kiss Principle – Why is difficult to apply?

The difficult part for highly intelligent people is to be able to explain or make things that we lesser mortals can deal with. It takes effort to strip out the gobbledygook and apply the KISS principle.

Whether you are setting up an office procedure, writing instructions, training, explaining or manufacturing products then keeping things simple makes good sense. The KISS principle is often taught to salespeople so that they can make more sales because people that don’t understand something will usually not buy it.

Kiss Principle – Keep it simple – don’t simplify

We can all fall into the trap of talking to people in a way that we understand but not take into account that we might be using terminology that they are not familiar with. It’s very important that we understand our audience and explain things in way that they will grasp. This however does not mean changing what we say and deliver it as though the hearer was a child. One famous scientist once wrote that to teach well you need to keep things simple but not to simplify them.

So whatever you are doing always remember the KISS principle – Keep it simple stupid.


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