Knowledge – a key to success

Every successful person has skills that they have learned perhaps over many years that they can utilize in their business. They do not have to be able to do everything in a business themselves but the knowledge they have will enable them to make sound judgments and use the right people for the right job.

Many people will tell you that the key is to never stop learning. We will never know everything that there is a need to know and of course we live in an ever changing world where we have to keep pace with it.

It is worthwhile spending time each week reading books, magazines, trade journals websites etc. that will enable us to learn more about our particular business and the skills that we need to improve on. It is good to keep abreast of the latest developments so that we can offer our customers the best service and latest products possible. We should also look to attend relevant seminars, trade shows and training courses that help with our development. This applies to our employees too. The best investment we can make is always in ourselves and our people.

So look at areas where you need additional knowledge and skills and find out how and where you can learn the things that you need to know. Make a schedule for your reading and look for events that you join and book them.

People like to do business with experts and it is knowledge and the application of that knowledge that will make you an expert.

Roland Millward
The Entrpreneur Club

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One thought on “Knowledge – a key to success

  1. This is a great point Roland.

    One thing that many people who have met me will know how I feel about unqualified accountants trading in the same vain as us qualified people. In relation to your post I have to undertake certain CPD training courses throughout the year to ensure my knowledge is up to date. That way I can advise clients much better.

    (sorry if that sounds like a plug Roland!)

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