Loyalty is a 2 Way Street

Loyalty is a 2 Way Street

There has been a lot in the news in the UK the past few days as a report commissioned by the government recommends that employers should be able to sack employess at will with little if any comeback against them.

Of course there can be far too much red tape for business but this report to me highlights the lack of understanding in some minds about employer and employee relationships.

I have no doubt that it is important for an employer to fire a staff member who may not be working hard or commits some for of gross misconduct. However to be able to fire people at will takes us back to a very dark time in history as in the days of the Lord of the Manor and his whims.

In the modern world companies rely on having good people and if some just get fired over the tiniest matter because the boss can do it, this would create a terrible atmosphere of mistrust. Staff loyalty would drop and a business would ultimately suffer. Loyalty is a 2 way street and all good employers know that you have to look after your staff and your customers in that order.

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